One Day Sale On Renderings!

June 23 marks 2 official years of Jennifer Marie Designs.
If you place an order for an 8×10 or 5×7 rendering today, Sunday, June 23, you will receive 23% off your total (excluding s&h and insurance). Orders must include all appropriate pictures and be received between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm today, Sunday June 23, to be eligible for the discount. Turnaround time for the completed drawings will vary depending on the number of orders I receive today!

Where Did the Time GO?!?!

Okay, I was getting pretty good at this writing a blog stuff…. and then I don’t know what happened. Life, I guess.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some house updates. We’ve been doing a lot around here!

The picture above may not look too different from before… or have you ever seen this angle? We hung new pictures after Christmas! My uncle came across some old photos of famous golfers playing at Augusta National, made some copies and gave them to my mom. She decided it would be a great present for my golf loving and Augusta loving husband and so she framed them and ta-da! They are now proudly displayed in our house. She also bought us that cute little yellow pillow from Target. I heart Target.

We have been saying since we added the “board and batten” in the kitchen that we were going to do the same up the stairs and in the upstairs hall too! So, when our pup decided it was cool to chew a few spots on the kitchen molding and we had to replace that, we decided we would just go ahead and add the rest! It looks pretty awesome, but we still have a little touching up to do. AND… I hate the railing, but I don’t know what we will do about that.

You may have noticed my lovely frame wall! Isn’t she pretty? It is totally incomplete, I just wanted to get some stuff up there. I still need to swap out some pictures, add a few frames and make some minor adjustments, but I think it really adds something. It’s so interesting. A lot of the art is mine too, which makes it extra cool! 🙂

This side of the room hasn’t changed much but we did get some new pillows. The chevron one is from Target! AHHHH. LOVE. I honestly gasped when I walked down the aisle and saw it. (It has a pink twin sister living in our bedroom too.) The white pillow with the blue circles is new too. It was from Home Goods right after Christmas. The lamp was a Christmas gift from my mom as well and it is also from Target. I need to invest in Target stock I think!

Back in the fall I painted a chalk board on our pantry door. I had some chalkboard paint from who knows when and decided to put it to use. I just taped off a section and went to town. It took quite a few coats and you have to wait for it to almost completely dry before you put on the next coat because it starts to remove the paint if you don’t. Maybe I just didn’t prep enough?! But, anyway, it works like a charm. I love to write holiday messages and notes on it, but I had just wiped it clean when I took the picture. The thing hanging from the knob is a cute little apron I stole from my mom.

Mom did well for Christmas! (I should say “my parents” but we all know who does the shopping!) She bought us this darling little table. It is perfect for next to the back door! We keep some of our cookbooks on the bottom shelves and mail on the top. The drawer holds all of our coozies (huggies?! as some people say). And since I hung the frames in the living room, the mirror needed somewhere to go and here was the place!

You will also noticed the chairs are painted green (not as bright as they look) and I switched out the art in the frames. I also made a curtain that is hanging over the sink window so I will have to get a picture of that soon!

The bathroom just recently got a new shower curtain and a new window treatment! The shower curtain is from World Market. I made the window treatment out of some leftover drop cloth I had. I just cut it to size and used hem tape to finish the edges and make a pocket at the top. Then I used the hem tape to add the ribbon. The ribbon made it so much cuter. It is hung with a tension rod at the bottom of the window so no one can see you, but so that light can still come in…. which was a major problem we had with the old window treatment. There was zero light and privacy. It took me maybe 30 min and like 5$ or less. SO SIMPLE!

So, there ya go. We actually have more stuff we have completed and done around here, so I will try not to let so much time go by before I post again!