Jennifer Marie Designs

Christmas/Holiday Orders

I know it is very early notice, but my husband and I are expecting a baby in September and therefore, I will not be taking on too many orders in the fall/winter. If you are thinking of ordering a rendering as a holiday gift, please do so by the beginning of July. You will still be able to purchase gift certificates later in the year and those can make great gifts also. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I will be very busy enjoying a brand new baby during the holiday season!


You can now order BOTH a digital notecard and actual printed notecards! See the Prices & Services page for details!


Thanks for stopping by! I am slowly working on the website to make it as efficient and informative as possible. Take a look around and let me know if you need anything.

For lack of a better term, I would describe myself as a “Architectural Renderer.” I can render almost any non-human subject. Houses and buildings are my strong suit and what I do the most, but I could do any other structure or landscape as well. Rendering people is a little more difficult and I haven’t tried to go that route yet! If you have an idea for something you might want, just send a photo and I can tell you how it might look.

The medium I use is Prismacolor Markers. These are high-quality and very thin (watery-looking) markers that give a similar effect to watercolor. You use them much like you would use watercolors, leaving white where you want white and slowly layering darker and darker colors until you have the desired product. These markers are also called “illustration markers” and there are a variety of brands. Prisma is just the brand that I have chosen. I like the quality of the markers and the fact that they have a “fat side” and a “skinny side”. All of my drawings are done on special acid free marker paper that allows the markers to look their best and not bleed. The markers have the most watercolor-like quality on this paper.

And, if you are wondering, “rendering” is a fancy word for “professional coloring”. I like to joke and say I color for a living. It’s true, though.

Enjoy your visit to my website!

All the Best,



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