Ch Ch Ch Chaaaanges…

That is what is happening around our house.

MAJOR MAJOR CHANGES. I am so excited, but it is a lot of work. I will post pictures of stuff soon, but for now you will just have to wait.

One thing that is happening in about 10 days is that my sister is coming to live with us for the summer!! She is finishing up her sophomore year at the University of Kentucky and is studying engineering. Since my husband is a Structural Engineer (her area of focus), she is going to be doing an “internship” with the firm he works for this summer. I say “internship” because since she is only a sophomore, she hasn’t had enough related coursework for her to do a lot of actual engineering work. But, they are so nicely letting her come and do some grunt work that needs to get done. It will at least give her some office experience AND be nice to put on the ole resume. That is the thing I REGRET MOST about school. I didn’t do enough internships. I know my teachers said to do as many as you could, but I was just so ready for a summer break that I only did one! People want experience. At one time a high school education was enough to get you by… then it was a college degree. Now you basically have to have your masters AND have 5 years experience when you get out of school before anyone will hire you.

Anyway… This is my sister, Katie.

She has that rare disorder where only your face ages… hahahaha. That actually is her… at Halloween.

Here she is lookin much prettier (and younger)…

Yeah, we look like sisters.

I’ll keep ya updated on the new stuff! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

It’s Just Another Manic… Thursday??

I was extremely excited yesterday because we were finally having our realtors over for dinner! They hadn’t seen the house since we’d moved in and we have made A TON of changes. So, I had to set my work aside and be a housewife for a day. By the way, you stay at home moms, I have SOOO much respect for you! I don’t even have children and I can spend ALL day long doing housework/running errands and following the pup around to make sure she isn’t in trouble. Whew, it’s tiring. But, speaking of trouble….

I really just think I need to copy and paste the email I sent to my husband yesterday. It sums up my morning the best. In the the subject line I put: “Dave-READ THIS WHEN YOU GET IT!” With so many forwards and spam emails, how do you make sure someone knows this email is FOR REAL!?! …. and he tends to put off reading stuff from me anyway.


So let me just tell you about my day.

First, I was on my way out the door when Allie decided it would be fabulous to play in the only dirt/mud pile in the backyard. SHE WAS FILTHY. I had to close her in the kitchen, change my clothes, and start her bath. In the MEANTIME, she decides it would be fantastic to SPLASH in her water bowl with her muddy feet, and then track mud all over the kitchen. YAY. I had to carry her up the stairs, which I will not be able to do for much longer, to give her her bath. Then, I had to clean up the kitchen before she could come back in.

Then, I was trying to leave AGAIN when my phone fell onto the kitchen floor. No big deal. Nothing broke. But now it says I don’t have  SIM card. So, I turned on and off my phone a few times… no luck.
I decided just to leave b/c I was sure I would pass an ATT somewhere. I went by Pier One b/c I had a gift card and just thought I would check it out and also I thought maybe I would run into an ATT. Nope. I drove down Whitebridge and down Charlotte to Nashville West, still no ATT. Of course, I would look it up on my phone at this point, but oh wait, I can’t. So, I proceed to WalMart thinking I’ll get my stuff and then maybe they will know where one is OR (and I wasn’t holding my breath) maybe the phone people in the back MIGHT know what’s wrong. Um, of course they don’t know. But, they do know the closest ATT is in GREEN HILLS?!?!?!!?! Which, I knew there was one there, but I thought MAYBE JUST MAYBE there would be one closer to our house. (I am still going to google.) Anyway, I was also directed to the wrong place in walmart for the lighter fluid, of course. (She led me to the cigarette aisle and I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase BIC lighter fluid [for the grill]?) Then I also could not find avacados. Sheesh. I did get a very nice checkout lady who got me right away in the 10 items or less aisle. 
I left to go home, down Charlotte, and did you know school started today?! Well, apparently, there is THE MOST POPULAR SCHOOL on Old Hickory and Charlotte. Traffic was of course backed up. But, what school has so much traffic at 11:30??? Luckily, I was going straight and they were turning, so I didn’t have to sit there for too long. 
NOW, I am home. And I am going to go to the ATT store I guess to have my phone checked. The house is STILL A MESS, I still do not have avacados or lighter fluid and my phone STILL does not work. 
Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is: COME HOME ASAP. And don’t try to call me or text me b/c as of right now, my phone is worthless. (however, I am sure I can still play tiny wings and if this day gets any crazier, I may just say forget it and do that.)
Okay, well LOVE YOU!
HAHAHA. I laugh just reading it. How can so many things go wrong in one morning? For the record, I googled AT&T and there is one right by my house. OOPS. Who knew?! (Actually, I did remember seeing the sign quite a few times before.) I took my phone to him (there was only one guy in the entire store) and he said (I didn’t catch his name though) that either I knocked my SIM card loose or I needed a new one. He took my card out of my phone (which I would have done, but I didn’t have that weird little key for the iphone… and I know, you can use a paperclip, but this is my morning of failures…) and then put it back in and VOILA! A working phone. Whew. Crisis averted.
But, on a much happier note… let me just tell you about my two GREAT finds from my crazy morning. (Hey, I still shopped during all that… I needed retail therapy.)
First of all, at Pier One I found this fantastic piece of art:
It was originally 250$, but marked down to 69.00! Woah Baby. Then, I had a 25$ gift card, so it only cost me about 50$ after taxes! I am super excited because I was nervous about finding something large enough for this wall that was in our budget of next to nothing. And, the colors are perfect! It even coordinates with that very large hand me down sofa from Dave’s parents. Don’t mind the rest of the room… still needs tons of work.
My next great find was this:
This was 10$ at Big Lots! Seriously? It is oh-so-perfect for our den because the bathroom/laundry room down here has yellow accents, our couches are brown and the living room color is close to that tealy blue. We’re also trying to go a teeny weeny bit “rustic” down here to accommodate Dave’s love of duck hunting, so this sort of ties in cuz it’s all natural and stuff. Or something. Ha. Plus, it fits on the mantle very nicely. We will eventually (meaning sooner than later) be painting the fireplace and the mantel and the den… so stay tuned.
Anyway… that was my Thursday, how was yours?