I’m A Bad Blogger

It’s not my fault.

We moved. To Kentucky. And we live with my parents. It’s been crazy.

I haven’t had a single house project to do since December. SAD FACE!

We are in the process of buying a house. Let me tell you a little about that. Hopefully, when we finally get it, I will have lots to blog about.

We found a house in a great, young neighborhood here in Danville. Good size, great price, super location! We put an offer in and after a small negotiation, it was ours! This was in January. We were set to close sometime in mid February.

Then we found out the guy was going through bankrupcy. And that the house was now a foreclosure. How that happens when you are in the middle of a sale, I still don’t know.

After a few weeks, we found out the house had moved out of the foreclosure department and into the short sale department. A short sale is when the person who is selling the house owes more on it than they are selling it for, making the offer “short” of the amount owed on the loan. In this kind of a situation, the bank basically has to decide how much, if any, they are willing to lose on a house.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of “short sale” status, and a lot of work on the part of the realtors trying to make the sale go through, we find out it is going to auction. I think this was the middle of March. It went to auction the first Tuesday in April.

We had a chance to buy it at auction, but the bank we are getting our loan through ended up buying it. They are selling it to us for the amount they purchased it at the auction. This allowed us a little safety net because we are able to get an inspection and its more like a normal contract. If we had bought it at auction, we would just own it no matter what… even if they guy living there decided to destroy it before moving out.

Speaking of moving out, the guy was supposed to move out on April 30. I’m not sure if that happened yet. I don’t really know HOW he has lived there for so long considering he hasn’t really owned the house in a while. It’s all just a bunch of legal crap that is so annoying and confusing.

Anyway, we still don’t have an official contract on the house because the bank doesn’t want us to sign one until they have a chance to check out the house after the guy moves out. Once we sign it and start the loan process, it will take about 30 days.

So, thats where we are now. Waiting. It will probably be mid summer before we actually move in. AHHHHH.

I am absolutely going crazy not being able to do any house projects! But, I have been slowly buying things for the new house and I will try to start posting about that stuff! I got some great lamps on SUPER sale at Target last night.

It’s been fun, let me just tell ya. HA.

When I have the chance, I will try to post some pictures of the house… if we ever own it.


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