Guest Room

I don’t think I have ever shared the updated guest room. We painted the walls back in the beginning of the year (the old color was gross!). And then we finished the floors. I tried to edit what I put back in there, so I think it looks much better than it did, but it definitely isn’t “finished” per se.




The chevron-ish duvet is from West Elm and the black quilt is from Target. We painted the corner desk (the chair still needs some love). The corner looks much more cluttered in the picture than it does in real life.

The throw pillow on the bed is from Home Goods and is actually like a zebra print on the other side. I liked the simplicity of the solid with the buttons though, because the rest of the bedding had a similar pattern.

I love the combination of the wall color with the wood tones in the room! I forget the name of the color we painted the walls, but I LOVE it. It’s a moody blue green gray.

Anyway, I’ve just been catching up with some posts and pictures. Enjoy!


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