We’re Moving!

Life with a baby is so much busier than I expected. I mean, I knew I would be constantly attending to her, I just didn’t think I wouldn’t ever get anything else accomplished. Hence the reason I haven’t posted in FOREVER.

But, on to the good news! We are moving back to our hometown- Danville, Kentucky! We knew we wanted to do this eventually, but after Elle was born, we knew we needed to get back to the grandparents quickly! We are fortunate that both sets of our parents live in the same town and so moving there just made sense. It all went kind of quickly- Dave accepted a new job in October and we’ve just been getting ready to go ever since. Elle and I move back on the 14th and Dave’s last day here is the 20th!

Our house is on the market— anyone want to buy it?

I will hopefully take some final house pictures before we leave. And of course, when we find a new house, there will be plenty of things to share!

Wish us luck!!!