Kitchen Updates

We have been doing some more kitchen work. The last you saw, we had just put up the new cabinets (back in December). In January, Dave’s parents came down and helped us put in a new microwave and a subway tile backsplash. And I finally painted the new cabinets. We even added hardware after almost 2 years of not having any.

So here are the pictures:




We got the microwave at Lowes using some gift cards. But, Dave’s parents pitched in a little too because they have a Lowes credit card and you get a percentage off of your purchase if you use it. Our old microwave was a hand me down from them which worked awesome, but we wanted one to mount above the stove. There was a “vent hood” there before, but it vented to the underside of the cabinet, so we couldn’t use it. The microwave has a recirculating vent, so it vents out the top front! We intend to replace the stove/oven at some point. I even have one picked out. We just have to save our pennies for it.



The new cabinets look so nice and fresh! We added some decorative corbels to make it look more custom. I still have some paint touch ups to do on the left side.


The hardware is actually from Wal-Mart. I know, right. It was exactly what I wanted at exactly the right place. I even checked Lowes and Home Depot for similar drawer pulls, but I liked these the best. They tie in nicely to some of our stainless accents.


Allie even got new food bowls! I found this little set at Home Goods for $15. It was exactly what we were looking for. I wanted something to be able to stand up a little over the vent so it could be pushed against the wall. Her food bowls used to float out in front of the vent, and people tripped on them occasionally. Plus, she is tall, so it is nice to have the extra height for her.


Our lovely new tile. Dave and his dad did a great job installing it! Subway tile is my favorite. And it so economical. It cost about $40-$50 dollars to do the entire job.



Not much has changed on this side. The flowers are fake from Michaels. I just thought they were pretty (and they were on super sale). They have actually fooled a few people, so go Michaels! I still need to tackle the table and chairs, but they do their job for now.

We have still got some work to do in here. We want to redo the floors at some point and add crown molding. But, it’s coming along. It’s a happy little kitchen.


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