I’m sort of taking a break from the norm today to talk about my brother’s business.

My brother, Michael, graduated from the University of Kentucky last spring! Since then (and even before he graduated), he and a few friends have been diligently working on their business venture, TagaPet.

Basically, this awesome idea combines smart phone technology with pet tags. It is meant as an alternative (or an addition) to microchipping. The tag fits snugly on your pets collar (it doesn’t dangle) and allows anyone with a smart phone to find out who your pet is just by scanning it. The face of the tag has the TagaPet logo and a QR code specific to your pet. Inside the tag is a newer technology called NFC. Not all smart phones are equipped with NFC capabilities yet, but they will be. The NFC technology allows those with compatible phones to just put their phone near the tag in order to “scan” it. Once the QR or the NFC is scanned, a website with your pets profile is pulled up on the phone. To make this work, when you receive your tag, you register the tag online and fill out any important information you think necessary. This includes pet details like name, sex, breed, birthday, and color. You can also fill out an owner profile so if your pet is lost and found, the finder can get in contact with you. Obviously, the more information you include on your profile, the better your lost pet is able to find its way home, but you do have the opportunity to decide what information is public.

There are many benefits to these tags. First of all, it doesn’t require an invasive surgery like a microchip. Or the expense related to it. There is a one time flat fee to purchase the tag and “the service” is free. Also, anyone with a smart phone can scan the tag. And, who doesn’t have a smart phone these days. If you found a lost pet with a TagaPet tag, you wouldn’t have to take it to the vet/shelter to see if it had a microchip to get scanned. You could scan it yourself and immediately get in contact with the owner/see where they lived. Most pet tags offer enough space to include the pets name and an owners phone number. But, with TagaPet, you can include so much more information! Like a favorite treat your pet likes or if they have a tendency to bite. This makes reuniting owner and pet safer and easier.

The TagaPet website will eventually have some other information for your use as well, like Vet Services. But, things are still in the works. They need lots of support to get this idea where they know it will go.

Please check out their website and their Facebook page! You can buy a tag for your pet today!

Also, I should add that my brother is an animal lover. When he was little he was always rescuing lost pets in the neighborhood and bringing them home. My brother has the biggest heart. This business is more than a business for him. He really, truly wants to help lost pets. So, if you help out TagaPet, you will be in great hands.

This is a terrible iPhone pic, but here is the baby Allie with her tag!!




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