New Kitchen Cabinets

Sorry I have been extremely MIA recently. I’ve been super busy churning out renderings for the fine folks who have ordered them for Christmas.

So, here is a little house update. And, it sort of relates to Christmas.

When we got married we thought we registered for everything we could ever need. And, then we moved into our house and realized we were missing stuff that we used to have. That was because we left some of our old things at Dave’s brother’s condo (where we lived until we bought the house– with him!) because we didn’t think we needed them anymore. But, we did. We didn’t want the stuff back and actually we don’t even have room for ANYTHING else… which is unfortunate because I thought we had a nice sized kitchen.

So, for Christmas I asked for those kitcheny things I thought we could still use. Like casserole dishes with lids and tupperware containers. But, no space, like I said.

Dave and I decided we needed to add some cabinets to our kitchen. Luckily, we do have room for those!


I love our cute little shelf, but I guess it was going to have to go. It was the perfect (and only) spot for new cabinets.

Dave and his bro hung them over the weekend. They still need to be painted, but here they are:




It doesn’t change the feel of the kitchen as much as I thought they would. But, it is different. I can’t wait to paint them, but one thing at a time. And we are going to add crown to the tops of them. Then, we will be doing a new backsplash all around. Sad day for my stenciling project. And, hardware is in our near future too! I CANT WAIT!

But, we finally have some more MUCH needed storage. We got the cabinets from Lowes. They are like a 90% match to ours. I’m not telling what is different. We bought ones from Home Depot first because we thought they were the same… they were not. even. close. Oops.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on more updates. And hopefully, I will write up something about our Christmas decorations too!

Merry December everyone.



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