Adventures in Lighting

We have a lot of boob lights in our house. They aren’t THAT bad. I grew up with boob lights so they don’t really bother me. However, I’m going to change out as many as I can.

We had 3 in our kitchen. Two over the main areas and one over the sink. What? Who does that?

So, thanks to Sada over at Casa de Lewis, I found the perfect light fixture for over our table!

It was $30 at Home Depot which was right in our budget. We had to swag it because of where the old fixture box was. We could have moved it, but this was much easier and if we ever decide to move the table, all we have to do is move the hook and not the entire light. It has a little loop in it because of how long the cord is. Again, we could have cut it, but that was so permanent I didn’t want to. I just need to play with it so it looks right. I absolutely LOVE IT! It ties into the EAT sign and it will eventually tie into the hardware we will buy for our cabinets. I have it picked out, just have to save a little dough to buy it. (Even though it’s pretty inexpensive anyway.)

Oh and hey, you get a peek at our new kitchen table and chairs. We got the table at the ReStore for $50 back in the summer. It has a leaf too so we can seat so many more! It’s such an upgrade from our old one. I got the chairs at a yardsale- 6 for $100. They are bentwood chairs. I’m not sure how old they are, but I am in the process of stripping the paint off of them now. I was going to stain them dark, but I think I may just paint them. I don’t know if I can get the wood looking good enough to stain. And they desperately need to be recovered.

Okay, the second fixture we changed is the one over the sink.

This one came in a pack of 3 for $40. We don’t need 3, but it was the best price even for just one, so I went ahead with it. Plus, I liked this style the best and the fact it was easily adjustable. It came with a really long cord, but we just cut it down and hung it. It makes so much more sense here than the boob light did.

So, then, we played a little musical lighting fixtures upstairs. Our bedroom fan light was bulky and the light wouldn’t turn on. It was really frustrating. We never liked the fixture, so we didn’t feel the need to fix it. But, the fan light in the art room worked perfectly and no one is really in there enough to need the fan. So, I decided I wanted that light in our room and we could get rid of the one that was not working. If you go to the House Tour page, there should be good before pics of this.

Also, I found this fixture at the ReStore when we got our table.

(Sorry about the messy work table.) I thought it would be really cute with a coat of paint and perfect in the art room.

So, after some switching…

Our new light (that was in the art room):

It is still not what we would pick out, but it is smaller AND it works, so that is good. The fan works at all 3 speeds which is something our other one wouldn’t do.

We need to touch up the ceiling, too. Eventually, we may paint the fan and change up the globes.

Now, the art room:

The lighting in here was not good today. It was cloudy outside and I couldn’t make it work.

It is really cute! I love how it turned out. I painted it white so it could go with anything down the line. But, I’m in love with the white and I’m glad I didn’t go for a color. Eventually, this will be the baby room, so I think it will be fun for that… even if we have a boy. I don’t think it’s too girly. I was thinking we could add a simple drum shade around it if it did seem too girly later on.

By the way, we did all of this switching in one weekend when our dads were here to help. Luckily, I didn’t have to do too much! I just got to come home to new lighting. YAY!

Now, Dave wants to change out the rest of the boob lights and I want to tackle the crazy den wagon wheel fixture. Always another project to do!




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