Bedroom Chair Makeover

As I have mentioned before, Dave and I inherited a bunch of seventies furniture from his grandparents house. I love free, so we took all of it, even though we knew it all needed a makeover.

The thing I knew had the most potential, before we knew we were even getting anything, was a pair of these little chairs.

I just thought they were so cute and with new fabric and some paint, they could be much more modern!

Well, I got antsy on the new fabric part. We had started updating our bedroom and the orange just clashed big time. At this point, my mom and I had not yet started reupholstering everything we could get our hands on, so I had no idea how I was going to do this chair.

Enter spray paint. I decided I could go ahead and spray paint the wood, at least, and then maybe I could get some of that fabric spray paint and paint the fabric to tide me over. Except, I couldn’t find any fabric spray paint in a color that I wanted. So, I just used regular.

OOOHHHMYGOOODNESS. It looked AWESOME. It felt… like crap. And, little pilly fabric pieces kept coming off if you touched it.

The spray paint combined with the fabric gave it some really cool looking texture. But, you basically couldn’t sit in it. Which was okay, because no one ever really did. I usually just threw my clothes on it. But, I also had to stop doing that so the spray paint didn’t decide to rub off on them.

Then my mom and I decided to start recovering and I knew this chair had to be one of the first things.

We took off the old sprayed fabric to use as a template. My mom ironed it flat so that we could cut out the new fabric better.

As weird as the grey/orange combo looked, it was actually a little helpful. Since the seat of this chair actually had some sewing aspects, my mom could look at this and see the hem allowance and where things went. P.S. The grey fabric is actually left over from this project! So, it was “free”… making this a completely free project!

My mom did all of the sewing. We had to make some cording to go around it- she did that too- and sew sides to the top of the seat. I can sew, but she has wayyyy more practice, so she just went for it. She did say it was pretty difficult working around those corners.

Once that was sewed, we stapled down the cushion and cover. We were lucky to be able to reuse the old foam and everything. We just stapled the fabric right onto the front and sides because more decorative pieces were going to be added.


Yay! It looked so good already.

The way the rest of the old chair was done was a little more complicated than we were willing to do, so we did it our way. Instead of tucking the fabric into the little seam and adding twice as much cording, we just added some cording and wrapped the fabric underneath.

We had to fold and cut around the legs, but they turned out nicely.

Oh, and we decided NOT to add the back cushion again. For one, I think it dated it, and two, it was easier not to!

Tada! Finished product. It is now sitting in our bedroom again with a bunch of stuff on it. Some things never change. But, at least now we can sit in it. And, the fabric we used was almost exactly the same color as the spray paint, so it didn’t really change the look. Which was good, because I liked the look before. And, I will eventually post some updated master pictures!! Hopefully.






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