The Never Ending Laundry Room Project


But we are getting there.

First of all, the old door. It was gross. Not only was it a cheap o flimsy door, it was completely beat up (the previous owners had a crazy dog), and it offered ZERO privacy. For a while it didn’t even close all of the way, but my dad rigged it one day to at least do that. So a new door has been on my agenda since day one.

Hello old door in the garage.

See, you can see right through it. And hear. And I mean, it is also the half bath that company uses. It might just be me, but when people were sitting in the other room, I didn’t really like that everyone could hear my business.

That is a terrible picture of it still hanging. I don’t know if I have one where you can see the whole thing still in place.

There is a possibility that we need those grates for code. I’m not 100% sure on that. The hot water heater is in a closet in there and of course the washer and dryer. However, the room is not tiny and the door stays open 99% of the time. My parents don’t have grates on their laundry room door where the hot water heater also is. And their room may be a little smaller. But, I didn’t care. I’d rather have the privacy now and when we go to sell the house, we can worry about the code. Like I said, most of the time, the door is open.

Anyway, so I bought a door at Home Depot for $20. I thought I was awesome until I realized we were going to have to chisel out/cut out everything. Chisel all three spots for the hinges, drill the holes for the knob, and chisel the spot for the latch. DOH! A little more work than I was expecting, but we got it done. (Doesn’t look awesome, but not bad for a first time either.) Basically, we copied the placement from the old door onto the new door and used the hardware as a template.

And, then we put it in place (I did test it first and it fit) on its hinges, and it didn’t close. The door frame isn’t completely level and plumb. And, it kept getting stuck on the metal threshold piece. GRRR.

So, we sanded.

The door was up, so we thought we could just take off a little and it would be fine. After a while Dave looked like that and it still wouldn’t close. So, we took it off the hinges again the next night and really sanded the heck out of it.

Yay! It worked. We added the new hardware that I already had ready from here. It still needs to be completely painted. I was just using up some leftover white paint from another project. I am painting it next week though because we are going to have company!!!

It looks a bajillion times better. We are probably going to change out all of the doors in the house for doors like that. Are they my favorite type of door? No. But, they are so much better than what we have and we just wouldn’t get our money back if we spent a lot on really nice doors. So, this is the right bang for our buck. Plus, my parents have similar doors in their house, so I’m a little partial to these I guess.

We also have started to patch the hole in the ceiling. We were debating for a while about how to do it. Before someone had just screwed a board up there to hide the hole. I guess at some point someone needed to get up there to fix something. So, we considered making a trap door so we could get up there easily again. The hole was directly underneath the upstairs tub, so we had access to all of the plumbing. And since we want to redo that bathroom one day, we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an access point downstairs to make it easier. Then, I got tired of the hole and all of the little bugs that kept falling into the bathroom and we decided just to drywall it back up.

It still needs to be sanded and painted, but no more bugs! Hopefully next weekend, Dave’s dad is going to help us put crown up in here, so we have to have it ready for him! Another project for me next week.

Anyway, there is still plenty to do around this house. I never expected this room to get such a complete makeover. We didn’t even think it was that bad in the beginning.





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