So Little Time, SO MUCH To Do

At least, that is what it feels like. We have so many projects in the works around here, and a lot of them cant be started until another one is finished. I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start.

Because I am a list person (you should see my desk– there are a million little notepad pages with notes everywhere), I decided to make a list on the blog of all of the things we need to do. It’s basically so I can clear my head and get it all down somewhere that isn’t a million pieces of paper. And, so everyone can know what we are up to. So here goes:

-Clean out the art room

-Turn the art room into a space for a future nursery which means:

-Change the light fixture

-Add a door to the closet (I have a cool plan for this)

-Do a cool ceiling treatment with wood or beadboard

-Paint some of the furniture that is in there

-Add a rod to the closet

(For the record this picture gives me a heart attack– and its looking SLOWLY better than this.)

-Make a desk in the guest room

-Make under the bed storage for the guest room

-Repaint the guest room (because I noticed when I moved the furniture what a terrible job I did)

-Clean out the downstairs closet

-Add shelving and reorganize downstairs closet

-Finish the downstairs bathroom ceiling

-Paint the bathroom door (which we changed!! I’ll post about that soon.)

-Rip up the carpet upstairs

-Redo the hardwoods upstairs

-Add cabinetry to the kitchen- 2 uppers above the cabinets that don’t have them and a tall storage closet on the other side of the fridge for coat/shoes/etc (because we don’t have a hall coat closet)

-Add hardware to the cabinets (we SOOO NEED THIS)

-Paint the kitchen table (which I have yet to post about finding!)

-Strip and then paint the kitchen chairs (which I have yet to post about finding!)

-Add a tile backsplash in the kitchen(I’m thinking Subway tiles) (Not in the immediate future)

-Change the flooring in the kitchen (Not in the immediate future)

-Make a storage ottoman in the den for games/extra blankets/etc

-Get a new couch for the den and craigslist the old one

-Change the flooring in the den (Not in the immediate future)

-Change the flooring in the living room (Not in the immediate future)

-Gut and redo the upstairs bathroom (Not in the immediate future)

-Switch out the master ceiling fan

-Reupholster/Paint 4 different chairs we have

-Change out all of the old doors for new ones (because the old ones are beat up)

-Add hardware to the built ins in the den

-Decorate and redecorate a little of every room (they all need something)

And I am sure I will think of many more things to do. But, that did make me feel a little bit better to get it all out. I promise I will have a better post tomorrow!



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