Quick and Cute Chair

My mom and I are really loving this upholstery business. She found ANOTHER $5 yard sale chair.

This chair was cute, but pretty boring. Mom decided to use it as her sewing chair in the master bedroom because the one she had was falling apart. So, she wanted it to be painted cream. The wood wasn’t in bad condition, she just didn’t like it.

You can see the fabric waiting in the background.

The seat just unscrewed, so we didn’t even bother to take off the old fabric (it was on there really well!). But, we had to take off the fabric on the back and re do it. The foam from the back was in great shape though, so we got to reuse it!

We stapled the fabric to the top and then cut it down to size. That way, we didn’t accidentally cut it too small. Then we finished it off by hot gluing some trim around the edge. You can see in the first picture that they had a double piped thing going on. But, mom had this and we liked it, so we used it.

I really need a picture of it in her room because it looks so cute! The color in the image below is probably more accurate. It’s subtly cream/off white.

We thought it turned out quite nicely! Aside from letting the paint dry, this one only took about a day. Removing the old fabric and staples was the most difficult part!

I’ll get her to send a pic of it in her room and then I will add it to this post.

While I was home, we also found 2 more dining chairs for a steal. We are going to redo one of those this week. And, a friend of ours wants us to help her recover her ottoman. So, there will be lots more upholstery posts to come!!!


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