Headboard Makeover

Sorry I have missed another week, but I was out of town! Saturday September 29 was my sister’s 21st birthday! We headed to Danville so I could go celebrate with her and so Dave could help his dad build a pergola. I will have to post some pictures! It looks awesome.  I stayed in Danville so mom and I could work on some projects (one of which I am about to show you) and then on Thursday my entire fam plus Dave headed to Orlando to do Disney and Universal for the weekend. I will post more about that too because I did a little project in preparation for that.

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, my sis just moved into an apartment and somehow it has been the focus of our attention lately. We redid the chair for her but then she needed a headboard. We were going to completely DIY one… I had it all sketched out… until my mom found this awesome headboard at a yard sale for $15.

She sent that pic to me and we were sold!

We decided it would be best to paint it because the wood made it look old. Even though it had some really cool inlay details.

Mom sanded it. I told her AFTER she sanded it that she needed to go with the grain. I thought she knew. Oh well, it didn’t hurt anything.

Haha. OOPS! Looks a little crazy there. Then she primed it. I was not there and she did not send a pic to me of that process. But, you get the idea.

Then, it was my job to paint it. My sister’s room has pretty aqua/robin’s egg blue as an accent (my FAV color!) and her walls are white, so we went with blue. My mom and sis went out and had a color matched and then got 3 samples of paint. The original color, one lighter, and one darker. Oh and white. So, 4 samples. P.S. Have you seen the new Valspar samples?!?! They are so cute. I want to buy them just for that.

I didn’t take any progress pics. But, basically I taped off parts and painted it. Then, I distressed it just a little around the edges so that it wouldn’t be too perfect. I just felt this piece needed it.

And, yes, I painted a “K” in the little oval at the top. It needed something there.

I left my camera in the car, so these were taken with hers. And, she wasn’t expecting pictures to be taken, so her room wasn’t in perfect shape or else I would have gotten more angles. It wasn’t messy, just not picture ready.

(Side Note: She painted the blue on the lamp shade to match her stuff. Then, I just saw the same idea in HGTV magazine. I was so proud of her. Haha!)

It looks so cute and really makes her room seem less like an apartment. By the way, all of the furniture came with the apartment. It’s one of those places designed for college students to live in. So, the dresser and stuff is kinda ugly. Not nearly as cute as her bed! Oh well. Anyway, I think her headboard looks really nice with the grey and it looks awesome with her chair too (which I don’t have a picture of here).

Now, she has an even cuter room! And, she can take this with her when she leaves.


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