A Sweet Little Vase (for $3!)

I’ve seen a million tutorials on Pinterest on how to paint the inside of a vase/mason jar. I think they turn out so cute!

So, I thought I’d try one.

This isn’t a tutorial. There are enough already. But I’ll tell you what I did.

I wanted it to be 2 colors. Navy and white. This picture had inspired me.

So, first I poured the navy paint in and swirled it around. I didn’t use a brush because I didn’t want brush strokes. Using 2 colors is tricky because you can’t turn it over and let the first color drain out. You have to use just the right amount.

Once the blue was completely dry (it took a couple of days), I poured the white in. I didn’t want a swirled or tie die effect so that is why I let the blue completely dry. If you did, you could add the second color sooner. This time it didn’t matter where it got, as you can see in the pics, as long as it covered the rest of the vase. I

Then this started to happen… and at first I was freaking out that it was going to completely mess up the blue…

But, then it stopped and it actually looked awesome! I was so pumped for the happy accident.

I thought it would look cute in my mom’s kitchen so I took it to her. I only spent $1 on the vase at the dollar tree, and $2 on the paint at Michael’s, so it was a cheap gift! She loves pink, so we bought some fake pink hydrangeas to go in it. I wouldn’t recommend putting real water and flowers in it because it might mess up the paint. The fake ones looked pretty still.

I think it definitely looks like I spent more than $3! It’s not exactly like the inspiration. Those were ceramic and mine was glass, but I think it’s close enough!

I’m in love and so was she!


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