Another Upholstery Project!

We did it again. Remember I said my mom found 2 chairs for $5 a piece? Well, we reupholstered the second one.

This time we tackled that striped one on the right. At first, I couldn’t believe we were going to try it again. It had been such a tedious project!! But, after the first chair, mom decided to order an upholstery staple gun!!! Oh my gosh, it made such a difference. It’s air powered but not sooo powerful you can’t get the staples back out if you have to fix something. We had an air compressor so we just used mine while she was here. But, after she went home, she ended up buying herself one too!! Yay for lots of projects in the future.

Anyway, this time she didn’t take off all of the material before she got to me. Just the skirt (which didn’t matter and we weren’t putting it back on anyway). So, we took off things one by one and redid that part and then took off another part. This made it a lot easier to work with. Also, we didn’t use near as much foam this time. We foamed the heck outta my chair and it just made everything harder. So, use a lot of foam on the seat, back and inside arms, but only use a thin layer of Dacron everywhere else.

One of the springs was broken when we undid the bottom, so we replaced all four of them just to be safe. We just bought new springs at Home Depot for a couple of dollars.

On top of the springs/coil things we put a layer of burlap and stapled it down. Then we used the old bottom as a template to cut the new foam. We just bought a piece of green foam at Jo Ann. It was about 2 inches thick. This part was tricky because of the rounded front. We didn’t get it perfect, but it was pretty good. We set the foam on the chair and added a layer of Dacron and then the fabric and stapled it all down. We used a piece of upholstery cardboard stripping to give the nice edge on the front.

This was the side before we finished it completely. The next thing you do is add the piping. We placed it where we wanted it and held it there with pins. Then we put in a few staples to keep hold it. We found out it is best to use less staples on the first layer and the most staples on the last layer. That way your staples don’t get in the way of each other. And obviously, your last layer can hold all of them in place. Once you add the piping, you can use the cardboard strip to staple the fabric in place along the piping. Then, you flip it over and have a nice clean edge. I should have taken pics of this. I will next time. We used the ply grip down the sides.

You do the back just like the sides. We used the cardboard strip for the top and the ply grip on the sides.

The fabric here still needed to be cut down, but then you just tuck it into the ply grip and use the rubber mallet to hammer it into place.

And here it is all finished in my sisters room! My mom made the pillow to tie into her blue accents.

We learned A LOT from the first time and this time was much easier. We also found some better tools. If you want to do major upholstery projects, I recommend the right tools! We already have quite a few more chairs and things that need recovering so there may be many more posts. I’ll try to delve into some different details and take better pictures of the process when we do those.


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