20$ Yard Sale Dresser

I haven’t posted in a while because my mom came to Nashville last week so we could do more projects!!! I think we need to start a business. We are having so much fun!! We recovered another chair that went in my sisters new apartment. So, as soon as my sis sends a few more pics to me of it in place, I’ll post about that.

One thing mom and I did was go to a few yard sales. She left on Thursday, so there weren’t too many to go to during the week, but we did find a couple of great things!

Enter my new 20$ dresser:

So many things I love about it. It has great lines, great hardware, it’s a good size, and I love that the drawers are flat without any details. The top was pretty beat up, but I thought some sanding and paint could fix that.

The drawers were in pretty good shape, so I decided to leave those wooden. Just for fun. I might paint them one day, depending on what the decor is in the room this goes in.

I used my orbital sander on the top because it was REALLY scratched. I had to fill in a few holes with some wood filler too. And I had to prime it a million times. The first time I used a latex primer and all of this pink and yellow started showing through?! So, I had to resand and prime with a shellac primer (what I had on hand) and then, because that was kind of yellow, had to prime again with the latex to make sure it would be white. Bonus- it only took one coat of white paint in the end. HA!

The drawers have nice dovetail joints, but on the bottom drawer, one of them was loose. So, I used some wood glue to stick it back together. That’s is why it isn’t in these couple of pics.

There are a few scratches I still need to take care of and get the rest of that white paint mark off (that I didn’t do). We bought some scratch stuff for the wood and then a little bit of Goof Off or something will take off the paint. As long as you don’t use too much, it wont hurt the wood or the finish.

And here is the finished product! It looks kinda funny next to all of the white already going on in the room, but it really is nice. I love the inlay detail on the drawers too! The light hit some of the imperfections just right here in the picture, but really in person you don’t notice them too much.

There are quite a few reasons it is in the den, too. First of all… when we got it home I decided it would make a perfect changing table/dresser for a baby room… but we have neither right now, so it has nowhere to go. Also, we are currently in the middle of a project upstairs and all of the furniture is getting moved around, so it’s best if this just hangs out down here until we are finished. But, I’m going to post more about that in the next couple of days, don’t worry!

I’m loving all of our yard sale goodies!!! It makes me want to shop ONLY yard sales. Can’t wait to share some of the other things.



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