I Made Custom Drawer Organizers

Some of our kitchen drawers were a mess. It was a little annoying. I hate having to dig through stuff to find something else.

(The stuff on the counter was in that empty drawer.)

So, randomly, yesterday, I decided I wanted to make organizers for them. I’m not much of a planner. I’m like… let’s do it yesterday!

I used pieces of trim wood from Home Depot. The same kind that we used to do the board and batten in our house. It’s like an 1/8-1/4″ thick and an 1″ wide. It probably has a name, but I don’t know it. It’s in the molding and trim section. I had some already and had to buy some more. It’s only 70 cents a foot though, so this project was still super cheap.

I wanted the drawer on the right to have adjustable slats so that we could adjust them, obviously. haha. I just knew that we probably wouldn’t keep the same stuff in there forever and I didn’t want to commit to a certain layout. I cut 2.5″ pieces of my trim and I used wood glue to adhere them to the drawer. Could have nailed them in someway too, but didn’t really think that was necessary. I don’t know why I picked 2.5″… it didn’t divide into my drawer depth any particular way (as you will see), but I just thought that made a decent size. I would measure some of your stuff before you decide what size to make them.

(See the back compartment will always be a little bigger– which actually makes sense because that part of the drawer doesn’t come out from under the cabinet.)

I did the same on both sides. I used a spare piece of trim as a spacer to make sure there was just enough room. I wanted the slats to easily slide in and out, but not move around too much either.

Then, I cut my slats. You should measure as exact as you can get and then subtract a 1/16 or an 1/8 so that you don’t have to bang them in with a hammer. I would recommend cutting your pieces slightly longer than necessary, then clamping them together and cutting off the remaining length that way. Then they are all the same length. You should do that for the side pieces as well if you can. I used a miter saw and it was really easy. Let the wood glue dry completely before you start inserting your slats or else you could move the spacer pieces around and mess it all up.

Now I have all kinds of options:

For the other drawer, I used a thicker piece of wood and just stuck it in the middle. It isn’t glued at all, just wedged. Again, because I am non-committal.

I was so excited, I kept going in the kitchen and opening the drawers again and again. I love that the wood finishes are the same so it really looks built in. I was so thrilled with it, I decided to do our silverware drawer too. We just had one of those plastic dividers in there before. This one was a little complicated because I wanted different sized compartments, but I still wanted to be able to remove all of the inside pieces. The next person that lives here (or us down the road) may not want to use that drawer for what we did…

I’m just going to let my pictures do the talking here:

This one has flexibility too, just not as much. In order to make it all stay together and be removable, the pieces depend on each other. But, I could remove one or two slats and it would still work fine. And now, we have an entire extra space at the back of the drawer. Also, the little white divider used to scoot around in the drawer, so you couldn’t really put anything else in there. Now, it stays put.

I’m SO excited about this project. Maybe I will actually want to empty the dishwasher now. Actually, I should do some better organizing of my pots and pans first, and then maybe I will want to.


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