Door Knobs and Broom Closets

Well, actually clothes/storage closets… but, same difference.

The door knobs on the den’s 3 interior doors were hideous. The plate that touched the door was a brassy color and the actual knob was silver. And, they were loose. Like they didn’t fit or they had been turned to many times.

(I know I still have my CHRISTMAS cards up! Still don’t know what I’m doing with them yet.)

Um yeah, weird and gross. We painted all of the door handles upstairs ORB and the ones in the kitchen, so I obviously wanted these ORB too. But, the knobs were so awful that I knew we really just needed new ones. I walked past them a bunch of times at Home Depot and couldn’t bring myself to buy any… especially the already ORB ones. They were just a little too expensive for this little project. Plus, we didn’t want them to be nicer than all of the rest of the ones in the house. If we knew we would be in this house we would totally splurge on stuff like this. But, in our neighborhood, we just wont see a huge return on investments, so we have to be creative.

Enter Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Love. That. Place. We went last Saturday because I knew they had some plain ole brassy door knobs that would be a definite improvement over ours. We bought 3 “sets”. Two without locks and one with a lock for the bathroom. (Ours had a great selection of kitchen cabinetry last weekend too… there was and entire mansion sized custom kitchen waiting to be purchased… for only $13,000– but, I’m sure that is SOO cheap compared to what it was originally.)

Anyway, we got home and I primed and ORB’d them. Again, no pics of that, but pretty simple idea.

Then, I took off the old ones and put on the new ones.

They look so much better, even though it isn’t a big change. Also, they work better too. I did spray paint the bathroom/laundry door knob, but I haven’t attached it yet. We bought a new door for that room and I want to put it on first. The old door was a piece. I’ll keep ya posted on that project too.

Here’s a little before and after for ya:

Oh, and the spray paint is pretty durable. The handles upstairs are still in good condition. There is only one where the paint is coming off a little, but I think it might be hitting something or getting hit by something. So, we shouldn’t have a problem with these. Especially since we don’t frequently open and close these doors.

We also bought a few other things at the ReStore so I can’t wait to share!!


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