Be Our Guest

Be our guest… put our service to the test. (Your welcome for making that song be stuck in your head.)

I love to rearrange furniture. It’s an instant FREE makeover, and sometimes it’s just refreshing to try something different.

The guest room isn’t very large and the windows make it super awkward for furniture placement. But, I thought I’d try moving stuff around to see how I liked it.

And, I LOVE IT. And, so does Dave. And, he actually noticed without having to tell him… doesn’t happen too often. He has tunnel vision.





The room looks so much bigger with the furniture this way. The art did not get moved, so those aren’t its final resting places.

The window here is just slightly off center. I was going to center the bed on the wall and then hang up some curtains to “fake” that the window was centered, but this actually worked out better. The two “night stands” we have fit perfectly on either side if the bed is right under the window. So, that’s how it went.

Also, you will notice that you can now see the stuff I was hiding under the bed. Dang. I want to build some of these:

Even if you will be able to see those, it will look tidier under there.

This room still needs a lot of help… like all of our rooms.

Oh, and since we moved all of that stuff around, the bookcase needed a new location.

So, it’s in our room right now. I like it there, but I’m not 100% sold. It’s really dark so it draws a lot of attention to itself. I’m thinking a little paint might help it out. Or something.

That is my latest adventure. Dave comes home to something new everyday.

Happy Friday!


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