Gold, Silver, and (oil rubbed) Bronze

Since I am a little sad the Olympics are over, I decided to make it the theme of my post.


Yup, I did it. Like everyone else. I guess you have to jump on the bandwagon sooner or later. Right?


Skewers from Publix- a package of regular sized ones and a package of little ones

Dollar Store mirror (actually for a candle to sit on)

12″ Mirror from Michaels

Foam Core

Hot Glue Gun

“Rope” trim from Walmart


Like I have said before… I am terrible at progress pics because I get so into it. I made 2 mirrors…. hence the 2 mirrors listed above. Basically, I cut a piece of foam core slightly smaller than each of the mirrors. I measured a center point and drew lines radiating out as guidelines for my skewers. Then, I just hot glued the skewers in a “pattern” by alternating how far they were glued onto the foam core. Then, I spray painted it. One gold and one silvery. When that dried (didn’t take long in the sun), I hot glued the mirror onto it. On the larger one, I glued the rope piece around the mirror to finish it out. The smaller mirror had a beveled edge, so it didn’t need a trim piece as much. To hang them, I hot glued a little tooth hook to the back of each one. Neither are very heavy and they have stayed on the wall so far, so I think that worked well.

Now… Pictures!


That one is obviously above our bed. It looks better in person, but I do like how it’s not too heavy or overpowering above the bed. Just a little sparkle.

This one is in the living room by the front door.


This is the one I used the little skewers on. I didn’t cut a single skewer. I was just too lazy to do that. But, I like that there is a big difference in the “bursts”.

AND… I love that they are round. We needed some circles in our life around here.

Now for the BRONZE…. totally different project. A LOOOONG time ago, I spray painted an old brass lamp that my mom gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking gold-ish stuff more and more these days, but this brass lamp wasn’t doing it for me.


I just taped up the cord, the white “candle stick” and the inside before I sprayed it.


Yup, so much better. It’s so cute now and ties in with everything in this room a lot more.

Anyone else sad the Olympics are over? Am I the last one to make one of those crazy mirrors?????


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