More Master

So, yesterday after I posted, I added some more art work.

And, my Mackenzie Childs Tray.

I hung the two white picture frames that way because of the lamp. When they were right above one another, they appeared to crowd the lamp.

My sister drew the black and white apple a LONG time ago. But, I love it. The green trellis print is the test swatch I did on paper before we painted the backsplash to make sure my stencil worked.

The “other” side. This side needs lots of work. And, yes, the curtains on my closet are navy. I need to find an alternative. And, I think I want to recover Allie’s bed. Oh, and of course that chair just looks so lovely right now.

That print is from a calendar I got at Staples for about 3 dollars. It was a 2012 calendar and I got it in May. There were great prints in it. So, basically, I got 12 pieces of art for $3. Can’t beat that.

I said I needed a better pic of the pillow, so here it is. I LOVE IT. I am so glad I bought the fabric. It was sort of an impulse buy.

Anyway… its coming along.


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