Master Bedroom Updates

Our new headboard has got me all excited about our master bedroom. So, i’ve been trying really hard not to buy stuff…..

But, I have.

The green flower pillow is from Ikea.

The black and white pillows (I need a better picture) are ones that I made. I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

The rug is from TJ Maxx.

It goes perfectly.

I painted that canvas. When we went to Ikea the other day I saw this picture:

I loved it, but it was $50 and too big to fit in our already packed car. I thought I would just sort of recreate it with a canvas I already had at home.

The Ikea one is much more dynamic and professional. But, I love mine!!! I used the wrong green, though, so I may change that one day. It doesn’t bother me for now.

You can see those black and white pillows better in this picture. They are like a Greek key pattern. And you can see the corner of the room… it is always a little junky, so I don’t usually take a picture that way.

I don’t want it to get too matchy-matchy in here. That’s why I like the addition of the black and white.

I bought spray paint for the lamps. Also, I’m thinking the chair is going to be painted white/off white and get some grey and white fabric!


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