Plain to Pretty

My art room is a hot mess. I’ve been in a VERY slow process of making it prettier and more organized, but that usually means its a disaster. Very organized, but crazy cluttered.

My bulletin board was driving me crazy. It was a cluttered mess all by itself and it is OLD and worn out.

The shot above was after a mild attempt to give it some TLC. And you can see how CRAZY MESSY this room is. I don’t have enough space… or I have too much stuff. Probably the second one.

I thought if I could pretty this up, it would help the entire room. And, as you have seen my eventual plans for this room, it needed an update to look good in that space.

So, I decided to upholster it.

Here it is… all orange and stuff… just waiting for a make over.


1 Canvas Drop Cloth

Push Pins/ Tacks with a round flat head


Staple Gun

Bulletin Board

I bought the drop cloth from Home Depot for about 8$ (it was the 5’x5′). I had the batting from this project. And I got the tacks at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a $1 each! I already owned the staple gun. I think we got it as a wedding gift maybe? If you don’t have a staple gun, buy one. You can do so many projects with it.

I didn’t realize, but the drop cloth had a plastic backing to it. I have never bought one like that before. So, it was a little shiny. It didn’t matter for this project though.

I laid down my drop cloth and a layer of batting on top of that. Then I laid my bulletin board on that, cut off the excess material, and stapled it around. I pulled it as tight as I could. (Sorry, I don’t have pics of these things.)

Then, I flipped it over. I was going to put the nailhead trim on the wooden frame part, but because they were just tacks and not actual nailhead, they didn’t want to do that easily. So, I decided to do it on the very outside edge of the actual cork part. But, first, I stapled the fabric down all the way around so that it would be pulled nice and tight.

I used tape as a guide for the tacks.

This took a while. The longest part of the entire thing. The whole time I wanted to say forget it and go buy an actual nailhead trim kit. But, I only paid $2 for the tacks, so I tried to remember the money I was saving.

I caught up on my Olympics while I was doing this.

Here it is right after I finished. The nailhead trim is not perfect, but thats okay.

Then, I hung it back up. SO MUCH BETTER.

I added stuff back to it. I purged a lot of things too.

It makes me so happy! I can’t wait to tackle more of this room. I hope it doesn’t give me a heart attack first, though.

P.S. All of that jewelry is for sale in my Etsy shop.


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