Making Headway

I finally convinced Dave it was time to make a headboard. I have figured out that if I just go ahead and start on a project, he can’t really say no or make excuses. So, I went and bought everything but the wood (because I needed his truck) without him, and had my plans all drawn up with measurements and everything. I didn’t want him to have any reason to back out.

Here is our bedroom before, when we had just put all of our hand me down furniture in it.

That is a terrible picture, sorry!

Anyway, I knew I wanted a padded fabric headboard instead. It would add more lightness to the room and also break up all. of. the. wood. tones. My goodness there is a lot of that in there.

I found this tutorial and pretty much followed it. However, we have a queen bed, so our length was 60″.

The piece of plywood is 36″ x 60″. The upright 2x4s are 54″ tall. Then we just measured the other two to the space and cut them down. I like to do this instead of measuring sometimes because you can get more accurate. We just screwed the plywood to the 2x4s one at a time.

Then I took it inside and added 4 layers of batting to it. In the tutorial, she adds a layer of foam, but I was cheap, so I just added A LOT of batting. I pulled it as tight as I could and used LOTS of staples. When I finished that, I did the same thing with the fabric. We had just enough fabric (2 yards).

The fabric matches perfectly to the wall color. Originally, I wanted something with blue in it, but I found this and it was perfect. It’s not too modern or too traditional or too bold or too subtle. It’s a good mix. And the pattern is small enough that I think it will be a pretty good base too add more fabrics and accessories.

Now, I just need to tackle that chair and the night stands and make the lamps match and add some art. I really want something round for above the bed. Not sure if I want a mirror or not, but something round that will break up all of the squareness.


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