Yard Sale Find into Bar Display

This is what our den looked like after we added the built ins last summer. The plan was always to add shelving to the bar side because Dave has a slew of special collected glasses and things. But, we kept putting it off and so stuff still sat on the counter and in boxes.

Until last week, when I found this shelving unit thing at a yard sale. It was marked at $7, but I got it for $5. I knew we could build one ourselves, but figured the wood wood cost more than that, so it was a deal. Plus, it had a little rustic charm to it, and since the “theme” in the den is apparently “guy”, I thought it would fit in nicely. I was a little worried it would be too big for that space, but actually, it fit perfectly… like it was meant to be.

It was pretty stable, but since we were planning to put a lot of glasses on it, I added a piece of wood on the back for support. Then, I painted the entire thing white. I didn’t want it blending in with the wall as much as it did in the picture above. I liked the imperfections of it, so I wasn’t too careful when painting. I could probably even go back and rough it up a little bit.

Anyway, here is the finished product… with everything displayed:

I just used a tension rod on the bottom for the towels. They are cute little Derby towels that we got as a wedding gift.

Dave travelled Europe a few times in high school and college and got some pretty cool shot glasses from everywhere. That tall one is actually from the Vatican. Who knew you could buy a shot glass from there?!

Dave also went to the Derby quite a few times and brought back the collectors cups. The jockey silk tile is like a little trivet. And those are pewter mint julep cups next to it. We wont be using those… just pretty to display!

The tall beer glasses are seeded and are really cool. They have been in a box since we got married. We are glad we can finally pull them out to be used!

The top shelf has a collection of Maker’s Mark stuff. Dave got all of that for his 21st birthday. We are from Kentucky, so we kind of have to represent.

Overall, I think it is absolutely perfect for the space.

And, I guess we are starting to get a small collection of birds in here. Oh well.


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