Going to the Chapel

My sister in law FINALLY got married last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and she looked stunning, of course. I don’t have any pictures right now, but hopefully I will be able to share some soon.

But, what I am going to share with you is a little project I worked on for her. She wanted for me to make handmade cards for all of the people involved in the wedding, like I had done for my bridesmaids. I used my PrismaColor markers, marker paper, and card making supplies. They were all personalized to the person. I’m just going to show the pictures to you, because thats really the point of this post.


These were based on what the bridesmaids dresses actually looked like. They are Alfred Sung. And we wore nude shoes. Two of us wore pearls and two of us didn’t, but the pearls looked cute on the cards.

(The color of these was difficult to photograph because the paper was shiny. But, the last picture probably shows the truest color, even though it seems to be a little washed out.)

Flower Girl:

Programs, Scripture, Etc:

I also handmade the envelopes for these cards since they were an odd size.



The parent cards were actually based on a little wedding stamp that my sister in law used for some other things.

I added the paper inside to all of the envelopes as well, just to give it a punch.

Anyway, I had to wait until the wedding was over to share! If you or anyone you know wants personalized cards for your wedding, just let me know! I’m sure I can do it!


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