Inspired by Laziness

As I have mentioned before, my sister is living with us this summer. My sister + me (I, myself, not sure which one is right here)= lots of movie watching and chips and salsa eating. She is the math major; she could have made a much cooler equation. Oh well.

Anyway, we put on a movie, grab a snack, and sit next to each other on the couch with a TV tray in front of us. She is not here right now or I would take a picture to demonstrate. But, there are a few problems… mainly with the couch. First of all, it is SUPER deep. Nice for sleeping, not so nice when your food is in front of you. (This is the ultimate lazy post! haha) Also, the couches sit kinda low and they are really soft. So, you sink into them. This makes a standard TV tray way too tall. It’s like eating with your chin on the table. I usually just sit with my plate in my lap because of this. (Yes, we eat dinner on the couch, too– Did I mention our kitchen table isn’t the best?!) Therefore, this makes sharing food on a TV tray incredibly difficult. (Maybe the title of this post should have been First World Problems… geez) Also, if you are sitting in the middle of the couch and have a drink, there isn’t a good place, within reach, to set it.

I decided we needed to build something that could sit in between us on the couch that would solve all of the above problems.

This were very rough sketches and very rough dimensions. But, basically, I wanted that shape in the middle. I wanted it to be 2 feet tall and long by 1 foot wide. The numbers inside of the boxes were reminding me how much wood I would approximately need for each part. And, I used way more than 12 screws. Mostly because we didn’t have the length we needed, so we had to improvise.

I was planning on taking pictures of the construction process, but I forgot… we got so into it.


1- 2’x2′ piece of plywood (Home Depot cut it in half for us so we had 2- 1’x2′ pieces)– 5$

7- 2×2 x3′ posts (These were for outdoor decks and railings, but you can buy them in longer pieces too.)– 89 cents each

1.5″ long screws

3″ long screws

This was our “prototype”. We spent 12$ buying materials. We could have spent a lot less, but we bought the railing posts instead of just the regular furring strips because they were in better condition.

Anyway, here is what we built. There are a lot of things I would do differently the second time around… so maybe we will try again another day.

This one obviously needs to be finished in some way…

FYI: The hubs is a Chicago Bears fan… hence the cup. It is also his book, so I have no idea about it. And, the remote is for our ATT U-verse and WE LOVE IT.

TADA! It IS AWESOME by the way. Exactly what we wanted. Now, we just need to make it pretty somehow. Because of all of the screws/holes and because the materials are crappy, I was thinking of wrapping it in some wipeable material. Also, Dave was thinking cup holders in the next one and I was thinking a little basket thing on the front for remote storage. My mom wants it to be able to collapse, but I kind of like it this way.

Any ideas?!?!


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