Fourth of July Wreath

I thought our house could use a little RWB for the holiday tomorrow. Again, this project is SO easy!


Wire Coat Hanger (white went with the theme, but you basically cover it, so it doesn’t matter)

Tulle Ribbon

Shiny Gift Ribbon


First, I stretched the coat hanger so it was in a circle. Then, I just cut the ribbons to length and tied them on in a pattern. White, Red, Blue. I didn’t measure at all, just guessed.

It took about an hour to tie them all on. I just did one knot, but as tight as I could.

I wrapped the top of the coat hanger with the white ribbon to make it look less “coat hangery” and hung it with a Command strip.

I love how the shiny blue ribbon really adds another dimension to it and makes it more sparkly!

I hung it on the back door because we have a storm door there AND because we can see it from inside and out. Plus, this is the door that we use the most.

Oh, how I love holiday projects!!


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