4th of July Table Ideas

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought I would try to put a cute table together. We haven’t really collected that many table decorating things yet, but I did the best with what I had.

(I apologize in advance for: Allie photo-bombing the pics, the fact that our table needs to be painted- as do the chairs, the fact that our table really isn’t big enough for four, and it isn’t level, and so on and so on.)

This one is very Americana/Red White & Blue/ Go USA!

That is the table cloth that is almost always on the table. It doesn’t really fit because I bought it for the larger table we had at the condo. Oh well.

Tablecloth: Target

Vase: Target

Juice Cups: Crate and Barrel

White Plates: The Cellar from Macy’s

Red Napkins: Tag, I think

Flower: I made it out of tissue paper

Wood “Chargers”: My grandmother gave them to me. They are just dinner plates. We eat steak on them! They are HUGE… perfect for a lot of food.

Glass Beads: No idea, Dave had them at his old place, but you can get them at Michael’s.

Ribbon: Don’t know, but probably Wal-Mart.

Next up! We are Kentucky folk so I had to throw a little Makers Mark in there!

Red Tree Plates: The Cellar from Macy’s (It was a seasonal thing.)

Makers Mark Stuff: Makers Mark!

The centerpiece would be cute with some blue and white flowers maybe, but I didn’t have any. Also, those red napkins aren’t as bright in real life.

Last one. This is like Country Fourth of July at Breakfast.

White Tablecloth: Target

Napkins and Vase: Tag (We also have a super cute tablecloth that matches.)

Salt and Pepper Shakers: The Cellar from Macy’s

I’m so happy I thought to use these plates as chargers! I will have to remember that in the future.

The last one is how our table is now. We rarely eat on it because it is old and not very sturdy at all. It’s just a junk catcher. I was hoping leaving the setting out would help prevent that. It hasn’t. 😦

Happy Early Fourth of July!


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