Picture Editing and Shower Curtain Fix!

So, I’m a little lazy when it comes to the pics on the blog. I don’t edit or resize them… I just want to get them up! But, it’s going to bog down the site and make me run out of space SO, I’ve started that process. I guess I am going to go back and try to reduce the old images too. BUMMER. Oh well.

Anyway, this post is the first batch of pics that I fixed.

I bought our bathroom shower curtain at World Market back in January. It is fun and vibrant and the colors were right. We had a few problems though. Our plastic/vinyl shower curtain is really long, so we had to hang the rod really high, meaning the fabric curtain did not touch the floor. (Yes, I know I could buy another rod/another vinyl shower curtain, but I was trying to work with what I had.) And also, the decorative hooks I had holding it up kept falling off when you opened and closed the curtain. A MAJOR PAIN! Pain figuratively and literally as sometimes they hit you on the head/foot.

In order to give the shower curtain height some “reference point”, we lined the rod up with the top of the window. I did have it all the way up by the ceiling, but that made it more awkward and there isn’t a light in the shower, so we need a little bit of an opening at the top to let light in.

I saw on Pinterest somewhere about using ribbon as the shower curtain hooks. I thought that would solve one problem. So, I cut some ribbon to length and tied it up there yesterday morning.

It’s navy ribbon. There is a little bit of navy in the shower curtain and also in the rest of the bathroom. I thought this just made it so much cuter and (hopefully) more functional. (After trying it last night, it is much better, but not the ideal solution if you are opening and closing it a lot.)

Anyway, doing that inspired me to do something about the length as well. The curtain in the bathroom is a remnant piece of drop cloth from Home Depot. (I use this stuff everywhere!!) I thought the drop cloth would also make a nice border on the bottom to tie in the window and I already had some on hand!

I didn’t want to permanently alter the shower curtain, because I wasn’t sure if we would ever need to raise it or lower it again. So I decided I would just velcro the piece of drop cloth to the bottom. I left the shower curtain hanging for the entire process. It probably would have been much easier if I had just taken it down, but I had just tied all of that ribbon!

I measured my drop cloth, cut it to size, and hemmed the outside edges. The bottom edge had the manufacturer hem, so I just used that. I should have probably hemmed the top too, but I knew you wouldn’t ever see it. (And my bobbin thread needed to be changed and I was lazy!)

I didn’t have a lot of velcro, so I cut it into strips and attached it to the drop cloth at the very top. Then I very carefully attached it to the back of the shower curtain. I just used the sticky velcro because thats what I had and I didn’t want to sew.

I left the overhang on purpose. I wanted it to look layered and not like I velcroed fabric together. I made sure to press it all together really well so the velcro would stay stuck.

Something to note… I always put the SOFT side of the velcro on the item that would potentially “stand alone.” So, in this case, I put the soft side on the actual shower curtain. That way, if I remove the extra piece,  the scratchy velcro part is not there to scratch us OR scratch up the tub. I know it sounds OCD, but that is how I always use velcro!

Finished product! I had a hard time capturing the entire shower curtain in the pictures because of the size of the bathroom.

But, it looks so much better. And so much more “on purpose.”

And, if we ever need to add/subtract length or change the fabric, we can just unvelcro it!

UGH! I can’t wait to be able to redo the tile in this bathroom. IT IS SO DARK AND GLOOMY IN HERE!


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