Color Me Crazy!

Ever since we moved into our house and painted the main living area aqua, I have wanted to tone it down. Don’t get me wrong… that is my FAVORITE color. It just overwhelmed the space. I wanted the house to be more neutral with colorful accents.

So, a few weeks ago, I got a little itch and I painted EVERYTHING… by myself… in a week.

Before: (Sherwin Williams Raindrop)

After: (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray)

(UGH, as I look I this I just think about how desperately we need new furniture/slipcovers/paint jobs/whatever!) The curtains here are a GIANT drop cloth from Home Depot that I cut in half and hung just like I did the previous ones. The other ones may get used in the guest/office room. Or our room. Or the kid room. Or somewhere.



The color is actually 2 shades lighter than what our kitchen was (Sherwin Williams Mega Greige). I LOVE IT! Obviously, we need to do a lot more work to the living room, but it really opens up the space and makes the color that is in there POP! And I love how pretty our wedding pictures look with it.

And since we didn’t want an entirely neutral house… (At that point the only room with an actual “color” was the guest room.)

Before: (Sherwin Williams Mega Greige)

We painted the kitchen too!

After: (Sherwin Williams Rainwashed)

Forgive how cluttered our kitchen looks… it really isn’t that bad. We do need more storage. I still like the backsplash with it, but one day that might change… haha. Probably.


We still LOVE the old kitchen color, so we may use it somewhere else. Or I’m thinking some stripes would be awesome somewhere with the Agreeable Gray and the Mega Greige.


The color is really pretty and goes well with neutral living room. It is Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. I love me some rain paint colors apparently. And for those of you who read Bower Power, this color is almost identical to what she painted her office (Ben Moore Palladian Blue). I actually pulled that swatch, but since it was so similar to the Rainwashed swatch, I didn’t even get a sample.¬† I’m not sure about the brown borders on the artwork. (I took those pics btw, in college.) And I DISLIKE the green chairs with it. But, I really want a new table and chairs, so those might just stay green for a while.

I’m really liking the yellow accents in here! I also think red would be really fun. Especially since we have some red in the living room. However, those red chairs WILL get a makeover one day, so I don’t know.

With this swap, we will be able to paint the art room and not have it clash! And also, probably repaint the guest room. I’m thinking of using the leftover Raindrop blue paint (original living room color) and cutting it with some white for the guest room.

Oh and P.S. all of our paint was matched to Glidden from Home Depot. Mostly just because we live within walking distance of a Home Depot and I like Glidden.


3 Bedroom Blues

So, when we were looking at potential houses to buy, we thought we have to have THREE bedrooms. That will be MORE than enough space and give us room to grow.

Not so much.

The guest room and the art room aren’t the biggest spaces. And every inch is crammed with “things we need”. I’ve been trying to purge as much as possible, but you just can’t get rid of everything. We knew when we moved into this house, we would have at least one child here (hopefully). But now, looking at the space, we have no idea where we would put said child. So, I’ve been thinking and planning and trying to figure out how we could rearrange/reassign rooms so that we have a “baby room”. We ARE NOT having a kid yet…. just so I’m clear! I’m 99% sure there IS NOT a baby on the way. haha. But, we do want to have this figured out for when there IS a kid on the way because we will have plenty of other baby things to do to the house then.

I finally decided that I wanted to cram the guest room and art room both into the art room. This room is TINY! I think I measured 9 by 11?! The other room is larger, which technically would make more sense for a room with two functions. But, if we have a second child in this house OR the kid has a ton of stuff (most likely) we will need the kid room to be the larger one. Plus, we don’t have guests that often and I tend to take my art downstairs to do anyway.

Here are the plans I have very roughly drawn up and they are not at all to scale:

The guest bed that we have that would go in here is between a twin and a full. It’s SUPER old and I love it just for that. I was thinking about doing a twin with a trundle, but I’m pretty sure we can comfortably get this bed in there. I’d put the chair that is currently in the guest room in there and keep the desk chair I have as well.

The wall that the door is on would have wall to wall work surface and storage. I would cut out a space for my light table, too. I’d have some under counter storage (not sure what), but mostly everything would be on shelves up top. My sewing machine would also have to go over here. I also plan to get some storage bins for under the bed and then I’ll need to make a long bedskirt to cover it up. Maybe with some velcro so I can easily take it all off to get under there.

The closet in this room is weird because the chimney comes up through half of it. It used to have those sliding doors on it, but I took them off and just recently replaced the actual closet part with a curtain. I will add hooks and things to the other side for guests to hang stuff up. I will most likely use most of the closet for art storage. However, there is access to the attic in here, so I’m going to have to get crafty about the shelving.

The reason the pics are all light pink is because I was thinking of painting this room a VERY pale shade of pink. This is the only room in the house we haven’t painted yet, so I am looking forward to it! I have some fabric that I think would go well with pale pink and also I just love pink, so why not.

We’d also probably add a mirror to the back of the door so guests can get ready/dressed in there.

Anyway, ROUGH ideas of where we are. Now I just have to save up the money to do this. I’m going to try to make a trip to IKEA in July, so maybe that will get us going.

Exterior Updates!

I know I haven’t really posted any good “before” pictures of the outside of our house… I don’t really have any. I’m going to give you the few that I have AND THEN give you the pretty update pictures.

Not too bad… a little overgrown and not too exciting. We added the flag, but otherwise this is how we bought the house.

Yup, we looked at the house in the snow! The back yard is a great size, but it had that nasty little fence for a garden and a bunch of wood piled up on the shed.

Here are the new pictures!

We painted the shed, removed the gross fence and the wood leaning up against it. (We did this last summer.) For the record… ALL of the mulching is NEW this year! Dave built these little beds that I get to add flowers to.

We also built a fire pit and patio where the fence was last summer. It still needs to be finished on the top AND of course the weeds need to be pulled out of the bricks. But we use it all the time.

We added the lattice and cleaned up that bed.

We extended this bed (it used to end with the bush) and trimmed down the bushes with the hedge trimmer my parents got Dave for his birthday. I added the little lantern. I want to put flowers here too.

This is the door into the garage. This spot used to be overgrown and weedy and you couldn’t use the door. So I dug it all up and created little steps with the leftover bricks from our patio. Then Dave filled it with rocks. Maybe we can actually use this door now.

Mulch added to the front beds… and bushes trimmed.

We removed the gross storm door.We will probably put a new one up eventually, but the other one didn’t even fit in there right. There was a gap a few inches thick on the top so it wasn’t doing much good anyway.

Now, I just want to get some pots and stuff for the stoop. The mulch around the trees is new… this should help us mow!

Oh la la, our AC unit. Luckily, the fence was there, but Dave put mulch in there to clean it up.

Dave trimmed these bushes too and added some mulch. There is Allie hanging out. She sits in that corner and waits patiently for our sweet neighbors to bring her milk bones. I think they give her one a day. They don’t even have a dog! They just buy the bones for her. She LOVES IT.

You can see a better view of our patio here. I tried to take another picture of it, but my camera died. So, another day.

TADA! That’s the exterior of our house. Nothing too exciting but getting better. And we have some plans for a wood fence too! We are going to retrofit it to the existing metal posts, so that should make our job easier! And, it will look so much nicer from the street!