Ch Ch Ch Chaaaanges…

That is what is happening around our house.

MAJOR MAJOR CHANGES. I am so excited, but it is a lot of work. I will post pictures of stuff soon, but for now you will just have to wait.

One thing that is happening in about 10 days is that my sister is coming to live with us for the summer!! She is finishing up her sophomore year at the University of Kentucky and is studying engineering. Since my husband is a Structural Engineer (her area of focus), she is going to be doing an “internship” with the firm he works for this summer. I say “internship” because since she is only a sophomore, she hasn’t had enough related coursework for her to do a lot of actual engineering work. But, they are so nicely letting her come and do some grunt work that needs to get done. It will at least give her some office experience AND be nice to put on the ole resume. That is the thing I REGRET MOST about school. I didn’t do enough internships. I know my teachers said to do as many as you could, but I was just so ready for a summer break that I only did one! People want experience. At one time a high school education was enough to get you by… then it was a college degree. Now you basically have to have your masters AND have 5 years experience when you get out of school before anyone will hire you.

Anyway… This is my sister, Katie.

She has that rare disorder where only your face ages… hahahaha. That actually is her… at Halloween.

Here she is lookin much prettier (and younger)…

Yeah, we look like sisters.

I’ll keep ya updated on the new stuff! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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