A Window Treat

That was the day we moved in. CAHRAZY! One of the reasons I loved this room was that darling little window box/cornice.

Only problem was it was very attached the the wall and only about 10 inches deep. So no tools could fit up there to screw in/nail in/anything a curtain rod. BUMMER!!! I have been so sad about that because I had dreams of cute drapes from the very start.

But, then I had an idea…


The curtains aren’t functional… but thats okay because no one is in this room to sleep ever– or change their clothes. I just stuck the little Command strips on the inside of the cornice box and used drapery clip rings to attach the curtain and hang them on the Command hooks.

Oh yes, very technical I know. It was really easy. They probably could use a little adjusting. But, since the Command strips are removable– not a problem.

I have been hoarding this fabric for like 6 years! haha. I convinced my mom to buy it on SUPER sale (I don’t remember the cost now). It was just “remnant” fabric, but there is quite a bit of it. Just over 5 yards I think. I just cut it directly in half, used the hem tape to fold over the edges and that was all. I didn’t want to do anything too permanent or crazy to the fabric because this is a temporary curtain solution and I may want to use the fabric somewhere else at some point.

It’s obvious that this blue is my favorite color.

My bridesmaids dresses were this color, my room in College was this color, this fabric, these walls, etc.

But, a huge bonus of this fabric is the red/orange/pink flowers…. they make the red chairs not seem so gross and random. Oh hand me downs. One day our house will be filled with furniture we actually bought and picked out ourselves. It works for now though!

There are now more adjustments I have to make in here to make it all “go”… but in time.


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