Herringbone Inspired Mat

So, remember the mat I made for my mom?

I made one for myself, too, out of the leftover material.

Sneaky sneaky!! It’s just a remnant piece of sheet vinyl! Y’all, I know everyone calls it linoleum… but it is not. It is sheet vinyl. If you have real linoleum, you are lucky. Sheet vinyl is the cheep stuff! Just clarifying. Here is some info. And here. And search the google images… you can tell the difference.

Anyway, back to my project.

There is a lot of herringbone going on out there right now, so I used that as my inspiration.

Sorry I am a bad progress picture taker— but here is how I did it:

First, I primed the entire mat with a water based primer. I was going to use water based paint and its just easier to clean up, but you could totally use an oil base I’m sure. When that was dry– and it dries super fast because the mat is extra absorbent– I applied a few thin coats of white paint I had leftover from trim/cabinets. I let that dry overnight just to be sure it was cured enough for the next step. Then, I just cut my piece to a size I could easily divide into sections and starting taping it off. I used a thicker tape for the outside border, and a slightly smaller tap for the inside lines. I just used regular old masking tape because that is what I had, but you could use painters tape.

After I taped it all off, I went over it with another thin coat of white paint to seal the edges of the tape so my colors wouldn’t bleed. When that was dry, I started painting the sections. The colors are just three colors from our house in a satin/eggshell finish. You could use gloss, but remember it can be tricky to get a nice even layer of gloss, so I didn’t want to risk it getting gloppy or having the paint strokes show too much. You could also use acrylic, which is what I used on my mom’s mat. I used a small foam brush and just slowly and evenly applied the layers of paint. I think I only needed two coats of the colors. I left white spots just to make it more interesting. I let it dry most of the way before I removed the tape. Make sure to do that very carefully so you don’t accidentally pull up any of the paint you want to stick. My lines were perfect!

I let that sit for a day or two and then I bought some water based poly. I used Minwax Water Based Polycrylic in Clear Satin. I had to use a water based sealer at this point since everything I had done up to here was water based. The guy at Home Depot was afraid if I used an oil based it wouldn’t stick well and that would be no good. I applied my first coat with a brush (like it says), but that left brush marks. So I used a foam roller to apply the next two coats. Then you cant step on it/use it for 24 hours.

I think it turned out fantastic! And it works in the bathroom awesome. I’m just hoping the poly holds up. I will keep you posted on how it does. The final finish on it makes it as awesome as the real side of the vinyl– you can just wipe stuff right up.

I have all kinds of ideas for more of them!!!


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