just a little late. haha.

Actually I just found these pictures, so that is why I am just now posting them.

All of our decorations were basically hand me downs. I did the best I could. We did buy the stockings from Pottery Barn. Allie got one too! I painted the ornament picture on the mantle and the candles are not actually candles, but pieces of paper that I taped to look like a candle. It was free and we probably wouldn’t have lit them anyway. But I almost put little battery operated tea lights in them which would have been really cool too! The weirdest and best thing the previous homeowner did was put an outlet right above the mantle. Makes plugging in things like Christmas lights so much easier!!

We did also buy the Christmas tree. But most of the ornaments were hand me downs or gifts from people. I made a few out of paint chips too– the Christmas tree ones. We also got the tree skirt as a wedding gift. We had a Christmas in July Shower which was the greatest shower ever because we had so many little Christmas decorations and things when Christmas finally got here! I actually completely forgot about the tree skirt and so it was a nice surprise to find in the closet!

I wrapped all of our presents this way. It is just brown construction paper from home depot… the kind you put on your floors or something to protect them. The ribbon I got last year at Hobby Lobby and still had SO MUCH. I try to wrap Dave’s family’s presents differently than my family’s presents, so it is easy to tell what needs to go where. This year, his family had red ribbon wrapping the box, with green name tags (which were also paint chips!) and my family had white ribbon wrapping the box with red name tags. I have a dye cutter that I used to cut the paint chips down to size and give them the rounded edges. Then I just punched a hole so the ribbon could be tied through and wrote on it with a sharpie.

We decided to have all of our friends over this year for a Christmas dinner. We made a ton of food and a turkey and it was absolutely crazy. Next year we will have to plan stuff a little better cooking wise. Anyway, we rented a table and chairs to seat everyone. Then I tried to cute it up the best I could to make it more festive. The stars were from the dollar store and originally silver and sparkly– but in a bad way– so I sprayed them red to go with our stockings and stuff. The little lanterns were also from the dollar store and they were not so awesome but they did have little battery operated candles in them. The light they produced wasn’t great though.

I used more of that brown paper as a table cloth and drew placements on it with a sharpie. Then I put little tins of crayons on the table because everyone loves to color on the table!! haha. The name tags were made on the computer and printed out, then I just attached them to the candy canes. The silverware is just that fake plastic stuff that looks kinda real. We wanted it to look nice ish but be super cheap and super easy to clean up. I thought we did a pretty good job of making it cute and fun even if everything could be tossed at then end!

And thats about all. I didn’t really decorate anywhere else in our house except for a few random accessories. Maybe next Christmas we will have more stuff to decorate with! Happy very late Christmas!


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