Laundry Room Update

Here are some updated laundry room pictures.

I finished repainting the walls. It’s the same color, but I actually had to repaint everything because we had to get a new gallon and it wasn’t exactly drying the same shade as before.

We rehung the light. I added a temporary curtain for privacy, but I still don’t know what I’m going to do there. Again, sorry about the terrible pictures. My camera was dying when I took them so I am blaming it on that.

We still have to paint the baseboards and some trim pieces and add some crown molding to hide places where the drywall doesn’t meet perfectly. And also touch up the ceiling paint. Maybe this weekend!

The vanity is new. It is from lowes! You can find it here. We thought it was the best bang for our buck. Looks nice, well built, but not uber expensive. It is only the laundry/half bath after all. We did shop around and this is what we liked the best. And the price includes the vanity top, which not all come with one.

I added these pegs to hang our brooms, etc. Not the prettiest solution, but usually the door is there to cover that (when its open) but we haven’t put the door back up yet. I want to get a new door because the old one is in bad shape. We’ll see. If we ever decide the brooms and things can go somewhere else, those pegs can be used for laundry purposes.

Anyway, still needs work, but getting closer all the time.

And on a completely unrelated note:

I painted that for my mom! Still needs some touching up and a coat of poly (b/c it is a floor mat!) but she loves it. Her favorite things are pink and tulips so how could she not?! haha.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


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