New Furniture!

Well, new to us, but actually quite old I think.

Since both of Dave’s grandparents passed away last year, the family has been cleaning out their old house and distributing all of their stuff. We were lucky enough to get an ENTIRE bedroom set– a headboard, 2 night stands, a dresser (with mirror), and an armoire. Of course, we had some bedroom furniture, and considering our bedroom is still rather small, it couldn’t all go in there. Plus, I really hate stuff that is too matchy matchy in rooms.

So, we obviously put the headboard in our room along with the night stands. It was nice to get rid of the mismatched ones we had before. We gave them to Dave’s sister who is getting married in July. Thats how furniture works… you just pass it down and around until someone wants to keep it forever. They all need a makeover– not sure what– but it adds to the room. You will also notice, I moved all of the stuff from the den into our bedroom. At least rearranging is FREE!! (sorry about the terrible picture quality, not sure what happened there)

We put the armoire in the living room. I had to completely rearrange this room so it wouldn’t look out of place. I like the wood in here (I think), but the combo of wood and hardware is dating it, so something will change. I looks like it would be a perfect spot for a small tv, but alas, all shelves. I have put linens and stuff in there for now. Maybe we can retrofit it for a small tv one day.

The dresser we decided was a perfect size for a tv console/cabinet! It was the same wood finish with the same hardware as the other pieces, but I have already painted it! I think we will keep the wood top for now, but maybe change the color of that part one day too. It still needs new hardware… really just any hardware because the drawers are hard to open. We stored all of our video games and movies in the drawers and behind the doors we put our game consoles and stuff. There were drawers there too, so we had to take them out and retrofit the shelves with a piece of MDF so it was level and flush. Its super unfinished in there, and I don’t know that we will ever make it better. Where the cable box is was another drawer that we took out and retrofitted too. The inside of this will need to be painted something, someday, but we are holding off. We haven’t done anything with the mirror yet. It is sitting in the living room (along with mr. goose who needs to be hung up again).

Anyway, thats where we are right now. I promise I will have some more laundry room pics soon! All of the major stuff is finished in there.


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