Leaky Laundry Room

Yeah… so you never want to find this in your house… ever….

The pictures are really up close but basically there is fungus growing out of the bottom of our baseboards. And when things grow in your house it means you have moisture… somewhere.

We bleached it, removed the fungus and kept our eye out for moisture.

A few days later, there were some lovely water streaks coming from behind the mirror.

So, I turned off the water, unattached the plumbing and pulled the vanity out of there. Check out all that water. I could push my finger through the drywall it was so wet.

So we started pulling things apart:

The first leak was here:

It was a teeny tiny pinprick hole. Probably from the end of a nail/screw that just barely poked it. It must have been leaking for a while because of all of the water everywhere. I found it with my face when I was pulling the drywall off. There was a light mist spraying out of it.

We called the plumber, he replaced the pipe easily (especially since we had the entire wall torn apart). Then we cleaned up and put the dehumidifier in there to soak up the rest of the moisture. We also sprayed some bleach just to get any mold or stuff that was thinking about growing or that was already there.

After a week of drying out, there was still water puddling on the floor and still a little wet spot on one of the studs…. there could only be another leak!

Leak two was close to the floor and caused by a drywall screw. You couldn’t see the leak because it was in the stud, but it had to have been there since they screwed in that drywall. And who knows when that was!

We called our friend to fix that leak because he said he knew how (he’d had the same problem once) and because we didn’t really want to spend more money on a plumber!

So, then we had to replace ALL of the drywall on that wall because it was either wet or damaged or something.

Our friend suggested that while the bathroom/laundry room was already in shambles, we might as well tile the floor. It was just sheet vinyl (aka linoleum, but not really b/c linoleum is awesome and this stuff is cheap– its made to look like linoleum). Anyway, so we removed the toilet and washer and dryer (which was a pain). Then we probably ripped up 5 layers of vinyl flooring in there.

Notice how wet the floors were?! Stuff was leaking everywhere! (BTW thats our friend Robert helping us out.)

Once they got up all of the floor, the concrete looked pretty good (after some shop vac help). This part of our house is slab on grade which means concrete floor- like a basement, but this isn’t a basement. Which also means we didn’t have to put down any subfloor or backing before laying the tile! Wahoo!

So then the boys started tiling…

We got this tile on sale at Home Depot for something close to 58 cents a square foot. It was perfect because we just needed a basic neutral tile for this room… nothing too fancy. And since we had already started busting our budget paying for unexpected things, it was nice to save a bunch on the floor. Tiles for the entire room only cost us about 35$. Yes Sir! I’m not sure about other materials… the boys bought that stuff and I know Robert already had a few things. But I’d say close to 100$ or less tiling the floor.

And y’all, this is like the super readers digest condensed version. This has been going on since the middle of February. I found the fungus on Feb 13! We found the water streaks on Feb 17. We were out of town the next weekend. The first weekend in March we tiled. Then we were out of town the next weekend. Then March 15 we put up new drywall and we have been sanding and making that pretty since then. So… more pictures coming of that process. Our washer and dryer has made it back into the room, but the toilet has not. We haven’t used the washer and dryer at all basically because there is so much drywall dust settling right now. Once we prime and paint and clean and get the toilet in AND get a new vanity b/c our other one was mold covered… we will be close to back in business.  I have decided the yellow stuff is not coming back. I have moved it to our bedroom. I also need to update you on all of the new furniture we received from Dave’s grandparents house! We have basically completely rearranged everything.

Anyway… thats what’s going on around here. Chaos as usual.


One thought on “Leaky Laundry Room

  1. Oh my gosh! Yikes! This post makes me want to go poke the drywall all through the house just to make sure it’s all dry! Nice catch though – seems you were hopefully able to catch it before it made even more of a mess (the one that it DID make is plenty!!). Good luck finishing it all up!

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