just a little late. haha.

Actually I just found these pictures, so that is why I am just now posting them.

All of our decorations were basically hand me downs. I did the best I could. We did buy the stockings from Pottery Barn. Allie got one too! I painted the ornament picture on the mantle and the candles are not actually candles, but pieces of paper that I taped to look like a candle. It was free and we probably wouldn’t have lit them anyway. But I almost put little battery operated tea lights in them which would have been really cool too! The weirdest and best thing the previous homeowner did was put an outlet right above the mantle. Makes plugging in things like Christmas lights so much easier!!

We did also buy the Christmas tree. But most of the ornaments were hand me downs or gifts from people. I made a few out of paint chips too– the Christmas tree ones. We also got the tree skirt as a wedding gift. We had a Christmas in July Shower which was the greatest shower ever because we had so many little Christmas decorations and things when Christmas finally got here! I actually completely forgot about the tree skirt and so it was a nice surprise to find in the closet!

I wrapped all of our presents this way. It is just brown construction paper from home depot… the kind you put on your floors or something to protect them. The ribbon I got last year at Hobby Lobby and still had SO MUCH. I try to wrap Dave’s family’s presents differently than my family’s presents, so it is easy to tell what needs to go where. This year, his family had red ribbon wrapping the box, with green name tags (which were also paint chips!) and my family had white ribbon wrapping the box with red name tags. I have a dye cutter that I used to cut the paint chips down to size and give them the rounded edges. Then I just punched a hole so the ribbon could be tied through and wrote on it with a sharpie.

We decided to have all of our friends over this year for a Christmas dinner. We made a ton of food and a turkey and it was absolutely crazy. Next year we will have to plan stuff a little better cooking wise. Anyway, we rented a table and chairs to seat everyone. Then I tried to cute it up the best I could to make it more festive. The stars were from the dollar store and originally silver and sparkly– but in a bad way– so I sprayed them red to go with our stockings and stuff. The little lanterns were also from the dollar store and they were not so awesome but they did have little battery operated candles in them. The light they produced wasn’t great though.

I used more of that brown paper as a table cloth and drew placements on it with a sharpie. Then I put little tins of crayons on the table because everyone loves to color on the table!! haha. The name tags were made on the computer and printed out, then I just attached them to the candy canes. The silverware is just that fake plastic stuff that looks kinda real. We wanted it to look nice ish but be super cheap and super easy to clean up. I thought we did a pretty good job of making it cute and fun even if everything could be tossed at then end!

And thats about all. I didn’t really decorate anywhere else in our house except for a few random accessories. Maybe next Christmas we will have more stuff to decorate with! Happy very late Christmas!


Laundry Room Update

Here are some updated laundry room pictures.

I finished repainting the walls. It’s the same color, but I actually had to repaint everything because we had to get a new gallon and it wasn’t exactly drying the same shade as before.

We rehung the light. I added a temporary curtain for privacy, but I still don’t know what I’m going to do there. Again, sorry about the terrible pictures. My camera was dying when I took them so I am blaming it on that.

We still have to paint the baseboards and some trim pieces and add some crown molding to hide places where the drywall doesn’t meet perfectly. And also touch up the ceiling paint. Maybe this weekend!

The vanity is new. It is from lowes! You can find it here. We thought it was the best bang for our buck. Looks nice, well built, but not uber expensive. It is only the laundry/half bath after all. We did shop around and this is what we liked the best. And the price includes the vanity top, which not all come with one.

I added these pegs to hang our brooms, etc. Not the prettiest solution, but usually the door is there to cover that (when its open) but we haven’t put the door back up yet. I want to get a new door because the old one is in bad shape. We’ll see. If we ever decide the brooms and things can go somewhere else, those pegs can be used for laundry purposes.

Anyway, still needs work, but getting closer all the time.

And on a completely unrelated note:

I painted that for my mom! Still needs some touching up and a coat of poly (b/c it is a floor mat!) but she loves it. Her favorite things are pink and tulips so how could she not?! haha.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

New Furniture!

Well, new to us, but actually quite old I think.

Since both of Dave’s grandparents passed away last year, the family has been cleaning out their old house and distributing all of their stuff. We were lucky enough to get an ENTIRE bedroom set– a headboard, 2 night stands, a dresser (with mirror), and an armoire. Of course, we had some bedroom furniture, and considering our bedroom is still rather small, it couldn’t all go in there. Plus, I really hate stuff that is too matchy matchy in rooms.

So, we obviously put the headboard in our room along with the night stands. It was nice to get rid of the mismatched ones we had before. We gave them to Dave’s sister who is getting married in July. Thats how furniture works… you just pass it down and around until someone wants to keep it forever. They all need a makeover– not sure what– but it adds to the room. You will also notice, I moved all of the stuff from the den into our bedroom. At least rearranging is FREE!! (sorry about the terrible picture quality, not sure what happened there)

We put the armoire in the living room. I had to completely rearrange this room so it wouldn’t look out of place. I like the wood in here (I think), but the combo of wood and hardware is dating it, so something will change. I looks like it would be a perfect spot for a small tv, but alas, all shelves. I have put linens and stuff in there for now. Maybe we can retrofit it for a small tv one day.

The dresser we decided was a perfect size for a tv console/cabinet! It was the same wood finish with the same hardware as the other pieces, but I have already painted it! I think we will keep the wood top for now, but maybe change the color of that part one day too. It still needs new hardware… really just any hardware because the drawers are hard to open. We stored all of our video games and movies in the drawers and behind the doors we put our game consoles and stuff. There were drawers there too, so we had to take them out and retrofit the shelves with a piece of MDF so it was level and flush. Its super unfinished in there, and I don’t know that we will ever make it better. Where the cable box is was another drawer that we took out and retrofitted too. The inside of this will need to be painted something, someday, but we are holding off. We haven’t done anything with the mirror yet. It is sitting in the living room (along with mr. goose who needs to be hung up again).

Anyway, thats where we are right now. I promise I will have some more laundry room pics soon! All of the major stuff is finished in there.

Leaky Laundry Room

Yeah… so you never want to find this in your house… ever….

The pictures are really up close but basically there is fungus growing out of the bottom of our baseboards. And when things grow in your house it means you have moisture… somewhere.

We bleached it, removed the fungus and kept our eye out for moisture.

A few days later, there were some lovely water streaks coming from behind the mirror.

So, I turned off the water, unattached the plumbing and pulled the vanity out of there. Check out all that water. I could push my finger through the drywall it was so wet.

So we started pulling things apart:

The first leak was here:

It was a teeny tiny pinprick hole. Probably from the end of a nail/screw that just barely poked it. It must have been leaking for a while because of all of the water everywhere. I found it with my face when I was pulling the drywall off. There was a light mist spraying out of it.

We called the plumber, he replaced the pipe easily (especially since we had the entire wall torn apart). Then we cleaned up and put the dehumidifier in there to soak up the rest of the moisture. We also sprayed some bleach just to get any mold or stuff that was thinking about growing or that was already there.

After a week of drying out, there was still water puddling on the floor and still a little wet spot on one of the studs…. there could only be another leak!

Leak two was close to the floor and caused by a drywall screw. You couldn’t see the leak because it was in the stud, but it had to have been there since they screwed in that drywall. And who knows when that was!

We called our friend to fix that leak because he said he knew how (he’d had the same problem once) and because we didn’t really want to spend more money on a plumber!

So, then we had to replace ALL of the drywall on that wall because it was either wet or damaged or something.

Our friend suggested that while the bathroom/laundry room was already in shambles, we might as well tile the floor. It was just sheet vinyl (aka linoleum, but not really b/c linoleum is awesome and this stuff is cheap– its made to look like linoleum). Anyway, so we removed the toilet and washer and dryer (which was a pain). Then we probably ripped up 5 layers of vinyl flooring in there.

Notice how wet the floors were?! Stuff was leaking everywhere! (BTW thats our friend Robert helping us out.)

Once they got up all of the floor, the concrete looked pretty good (after some shop vac help). This part of our house is slab on grade which means concrete floor- like a basement, but this isn’t a basement. Which also means we didn’t have to put down any subfloor or backing before laying the tile! Wahoo!

So then the boys started tiling…

We got this tile on sale at Home Depot for something close to 58 cents a square foot. It was perfect because we just needed a basic neutral tile for this room… nothing too fancy. And since we had already started busting our budget paying for unexpected things, it was nice to save a bunch on the floor. Tiles for the entire room only cost us about 35$. Yes Sir! I’m not sure about other materials… the boys bought that stuff and I know Robert already had a few things. But I’d say close to 100$ or less tiling the floor.

And y’all, this is like the super readers digest condensed version. This has been going on since the middle of February. I found the fungus on Feb 13! We found the water streaks on Feb 17. We were out of town the next weekend. The first weekend in March we tiled. Then we were out of town the next weekend. Then March 15 we put up new drywall and we have been sanding and making that pretty since then. So… more pictures coming of that process. Our washer and dryer has made it back into the room, but the toilet has not. We haven’t used the washer and dryer at all basically because there is so much drywall dust settling right now. Once we prime and paint and clean and get the toilet in AND get a new vanity b/c our other one was mold covered… we will be close to back in business.  I have decided the yellow stuff is not coming back. I have moved it to our bedroom. I also need to update you on all of the new furniture we received from Dave’s grandparents house! We have basically completely rearranged everything.

Anyway… thats what’s going on around here. Chaos as usual.

A Rendering for Anything!

Some people are such great gift givers! Well, you can be one too. I have compiled a list of all of the reasons to get a rendering for you or for someone else.

Get a rendering of/for/as:

  • Your first home
  • Your current home
  • The Church/place where you got married
  • The Church/place your friend got married as a wedding gift (or anniversary gift)
  • Your family’s lake/beach/mountain/getaway home
  • The place you got engaged (or where your friend did, as a gift)
  • For someone, like your parents or spouse, as an anniversary/Christmas/birthday/I Love You gift
  • Your hometown “downtown”
  • A thank you to a friend or relative
  • Your boat or houseboat
  • Your favorite building- famous or just someplace you like
  • Your grandparents home as a gift to them or your parent if they grew up in that house
  • A highschool/college graduate of the highschool/college they attended as a gift

Let me know if you can think of more reasons! I’m sure there are too many to even count.

Here are a few recent pictures! Enjoy.