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Getting Better All the Time

Our kitchen, that is.

So, what did we do this past week/weekend?! Added a stenciled backsplash and some cute shelves!

I made the stencil on the computer, printed it, then cut it out of a piece of sturdy paper. It worked ok. I mean, it worked for sure, but tracing onto stencil paper would have been much better. OR just buying a fabulous stencil somewhere would have been great too. I was just trying to save some dollars and some time, because I am super impatient and can’t wait for things to come to me in the mail. I need them. right. now. obviously.

Anyway, the color I used was Celery Sprig from Behr. I got a quart of semi-gloss because I wanted it to be super shiny (kind of like tile) and super durable/wipeable because it is the backsplash. I really just wanted a sample size because I barely used any paint, but they don’t have those in semi-gloss unfortunately. Bummer.

First I primed and painted the wall white for the background.

Then I went for it. My stencil wasn’t the best so I had to go back and fill in spots where it didn’t overlap.

I just used a stenciling foam brush. It worked like a charm. When I was finished, I went back with the white and the green and touched up spots.

Dave is adding the shelves. We just cut them out with a jig saw and used a nail gun and some liquid nails to attach them to the wall along with some quarter round. Nothing too heavy will ever be on them, so they didn’t need that much support.

You might notice a little blue under all that green…. Well smart me thought in the middle of the project that I might like blue better than green and redid a whole bunch of it only to decide I hated the blue and wanted the green back. Alas, LOTS AND LOTS of tedious repainting. I’m still kicking myself for that one.

TA DA! We still have to put another coat on the shelves (although the photo makes them look pretty good) and touch up some more spots on the backsplash. But, it looks SO AWESOME! And, it cost like 15$ (We already had the wood- it was leftover from our cabinet project in the den.)

And here is a little trip down memory lane to see before and after….

Still to do:

Cabinet hardware. (SOOOO SOON I hope, our grimy fingers are messing up the white paint)

New floor. Not sure what we are going to do. Spend very little money I hope!

New lights. Yes, the boob lights just aren’t cutting it.

New oven/stove and new dishwasher. Mostly b/c those are the basic basic basic models and are already breaking and not working properly… they came with the house.

Oh… and sorry about the dirty dishes in the sink… I haven’t gotten to those yet! Leftover from our Super Bowl Party. Which I might add was lame… you know you are getting old when the Super Bowl party consists of actually watching the game and then immediately going to bed after. ha.

Happy Monday (I guess).

A Small Project and a Sneak Peak

First: Small Project.

I actually did this a LONG time ago for our keys, but I recently switched up what was in the frame, so I am sharing.

I just bought a wooden frame at Michael’s that I liked. The frame needed to be really flat so I could add some hooks.

Then I just screwed three small white hooks into the wood. You could drill little holes to get you started, but the wood on this frame was pretty soft, so it wasn’t that difficult to screw them in by hand. (P.S. I tried to word that very carefully, but I think it still needs a “thats what she said!”)

When I originally did this project, I printed off a letter “A” and framed it. (A for Ahnquist!) But, I got tired of that pretty quick. So, yesterday, I took a piece of scrapbook paper, cut it to size and very carefully wrote “keys” with a white paint pen. Then I framed and rehung!

You want to be sure you hang it from both sides of the frame so that it is always level. You may have to add little hooks or something to the back to do that, but if you only hang it from one center hook, it will be crooked when all the keys aren’t there. (Didn’t think of that when I first did it! oops, haha!) A lot of frames already have the hooks on either side, which I usually find annoying, but in this case, it makes a big difference!

And I just realized our keys give away a little about our lives. Don’t hate. Also, don’t mind that nasty phone jack/ethernet plug thing. I doubt we will ever use it, but we have yet to figure out how to hide or remove it. We don’t know if we want to remove it completely because in the future we may want it or someone buying our house might.

Below is a little preview of what is to come!! Working on a project that will hopefully make our house a little more fun! Any guesses?