Quick Idea!

In an effort to clean up my art room, I needed to find somewhere to put our wrapping paper! It was shoved in a corner, which worked fine until I needed that space for something else. My room is completely and utterly packed… every inch of wall space is taken up.

I wanted to find a place for the wrapping paper that was easily accessible, but not in the way. I also didn’t want to spend any money or have to leave the house to get anything! As I was hunting around my art room, I spotted an unused bag of curtain rod clips! PERFECT! I can clip the wrapping paper with the clip (which also prevents it from unravelling) and then hang it by the hook.

I just nailed a few nails to the back of the closet door- since that space is in a corner and basically the only space I had left. Then I clipped the paper and hung them up! TA DA! I was so excited to finally have a great solution.

This works awesome because they are really easy to take off and put back up and I can add more rolls if I need to with just a few nails!! Also, the clip acts as “tape” to keep your roll together, so you don’t have to use a bunch of tape or worry about it ripping the paper when you try to remove it. You could also hang a curtain rod somewhere, string all of the rings on it, and hang the wrapping paper that way if you didn’t want a bunch of nails. This was just the most practical solution for me!

And apparently we don’t wrap gifts unless it is Christmas because all of paper is red and silver. haha.

Happy Friday! I think we are going to do some projects this weekend, so I’ll keep you posted!


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