More House Updates!

Round 2 of some updated house pictures. See… I’m completely behind!

Nothing too exciting about this picture. I agreed to let Dave hang his goose on the wall. Gag me. But, it doesn’t look so bad. I painted the yellow and white chevron canvas! I heart chevron. so. much. We got some Home Depot gift cards for Christmas which allowed us to buy shades for the windows down here! YAY!

You will also notice the little piece of unfinished trim on the left side of the photo. We replaced a few pieces when we did the hallway and kitchen stuff. The previous owner’s dog had done a number on just about every piece of woodwork in this place, so we are gradually making those things look better. Still needs to be painted Sharkey Grey. Why trim on the corners you ask? Well, the room is wood panelling, so the seams on the corners look really unfinished.

Not much has changed here. I hung another “picture”… which is actually a tray I rigged with some very thin wire so I could hang it on the wall. The light fixture is new. I bought it at Lowes last summer on sale for like 18$. I know, CRAZY. We got the little wooden “tray” on the back of the toilet as a wedding present, but it is from Target. Works perfectly for extra rolls, especially the double rolls! And, although you will never notice, I completely repainted the vanity in here. I didn’t do a very good job the first time, so I decided it needed to be painted again. It really does look MUCH better.

Ahah! My kitchen curtain I mentioned yesterday. So easy. I already had the fabric from some project my mom and I had done a long time ago. I bought a white flat sheet at Target for the lining (cheap!!!). Then I just sewed it all together. The bottom “hem” is really thick because it is actually a pocket. I did it that way so I could either hang it with the clips or use the pocket. I already had the rod from living in the condo.

I’m showing this off because my sister painted the “Twiggy” girl for me as a birthday present! She swears she isn’t very artistic or creative, but I say PSHAW! She most definitely is. I L.O.V.E it. I painted the lemon slice looking picture.

This little chest was yet another mom Christmas gift. We needed some counter surface in our bathroom because of the pedestal sink. It’s super functional and really cute. One day it might get a paint job when we redo the bathroom. Which we will do someday. It just doesn’t match the rest of our house or our style!!

I moved all of the bedding from the master into the guest room and it just makes so much more sense! The navy looks good with the greenish walls. Even the little floral pillows have a little green in them to tie it all together! So much better. Now we just have to figure out what to do with the master. I’m thinking pink. ha.

Back in the fall, Dave’s grandmother died. His grandfather had already passed away last April. It was really sad, but that’s not why I bring it up. This chair was one of two they had at their very 1970’s house. I said we’d take them because they are cute and because I knew no one else would want them. They will be getting a makeover at some point, but for now I’m liking the retro-ness of it. The other one is in our bedroom. They are both in fantastic condition!

And, finally a more updated shot of the exterior of our house! We painted the front door red!! (It was a yellow/green for a while but it just wasn’t cutting it). The American flag is also a new addition. This picture was taken around Halloween obviously because we still have pumpkins on the porch. However, those pumpkins did seem to stay there until almost Christmas. haha. The red door is much happier and more inviting. No, we haven’t taken off the screen door yet, I just opened it to get the full effect of the red. But, it will be leaving us soon. It’s so darn ugly.

Anyway…. two days in a row is pretty good! I hope I can keep it up. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to cram EVERYTHING into one post. ha.


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