Couch (and Floor) Crashing

The best part of my “new job”? I get to work from home, i.e. from the COUCH!! I have an “office/art room”, but the couch is cozier and it’s in a room with a TV. I’m not really a big TV watcher, but I hate for things to be too quiet. And with just Allie, the dog who rarely barks, and me here all day, its fairly noiseless. Therefore, the couch has been my home for the past few days.

That couch is about 8 or 9 feet long and I still manage to use all of it, including the ottoman. That “thing” I am working on? An awesome light box that my dad gave me. It’s actually not meant for this at all; he bought it as a light up sign for his office. But, because the light box I already had was only the size of a piece of paper, and he wasn’t evening using this thing (that he probably spent quite a few $$ on), he offered it to me! I was pumped. (By the way, yes that is a Christmas throw on the couch. It’s really soft so we just use it all year round.)

Here I am getting all artistic on you. Ironically, I had just cleaned up a bunch of stuff before I went to take pictures, so this IS staged. However, it is exactly how it usually looks when I am working. Also, if you are observant, you will notice the picture I am “drawing” in this pic and the picture I am looking off of are not the same. I had to touch up a few things on that drawing, so I got it back out.

TA-DA! Pretty house I was just finishing up! One thing I L-O-V-E about my new line of work is all the amazing houses I get to render. I have done renderings for people all over North America and it’s just so interesting to see where everyone lives. And, I get to hear all kinds of fantastic stories. I recently did a drawing of a woman’s grandparents house that got destroyed in the Alabama tornadoes. I had to piece together some pictures and literally put the house back together! Everyone was okay, fortunately. But, it was so neat to be able to memorialize their house in one of my drawings!

Anywho, better get to rendering. Catch ya later alligator.


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