Day 1…

Now you just have to imagine that serious music they play on shows like 24 and Law and Order. Dun Dun… or something. Except we aren’t running OUT of time. Actually, it seems like I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands now. Ya know, besides the renderings I have to catch up on and get out to all of my patiently waiting customers, and the housework (I guess I finally have time to make the bed everyday, huh), and deciding what color to paint the den, (Seriously, I have been trying to decide FOREVER. But, more on that later.) and making sure Allie doesn’t feel attention deprived (Which is impossible I’m sure.). Yah, except for all that, I’m going to have all the time in the world. haha. Riiiight.

So, this is it. Here I am. It’s 6:52 am and I am in my den writing this post instead of arriving at work. I am about to take out the pup and apparently Dave left some laundry for me to do. (And so it begins…). If I’m not “working” why am I up at 6:52 you ask? Well that is a good darn question! I was wondering the same thing.

Just wanted to share a few highlights from my last day of work, yesterday. Sorry the pictures are awful, but they were all taken with phones. I didn’t think to bring my camera.

This is the balloon I found on my desk from my coworker when I got there yesterday morning! How sweet. She tied it to a blue Monster energy drink that she bought for me because she knows I am addicted. Bad habit, but there could be worse things.

So here I am all decked out in a bunch of random things I had collected at my desk over the past 2 years. And yes, the blanket says “Katie”; it is my sisters. I have one just like it but apparently I grabbed the wrong one. Call this my shout out to my lil sis.

My sooo empty and sad desk. Tear tear. The computer screens really blind you in this shot. Or maybe they also do in real life and that is why my vision has gotten progressively WORSE since I have worked there. Oops. Lucky my dad’s an optometrist. N.e.way… It used to be super cute and decorated with all kinds of pictures and stuff, but I packed them all away and then realized I should have taken a “before” pic. If you look up on the shelf, you can see all of my office supplies I no longer needed. I told everyone I had a little “store” going from which they could come “buy” things. Except for that none of it was really mine in the first place.

My coworkers also got lunch for the whole office! Lenny’s subs (yum!), chips and cookies. And that would have been enough for me. I stuffed my face like I would never eat again. To my surprise, just before I could tear into the cookie, one of the girls brought out this sweet cake. It had pudding on the inside, which was really delicious, but ironically, I had just finished saying I wasn’t a big fan of pudding. That’s always awkward. (If I was on my iphone or IM, I would put one of those little faces with the mouth all twisted up. :S) But, the cake was FAB and of course I ate a HUGE piece. I kept those little crayon boxes too. Aren’t they funny…. like I use crayons to color? (shhhhh, dont tell!)

Now that you are all caught up, I better leave you to do all of the things I quit my job for! Can’t play online all day, unfortunately.

Stay classy peeps. Catch ya on the flip side.


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