Let the pARTy Begin…

I will officially be DUN (aka finished) with my current job in just 2 days! Words cannot express how I feel about this life changing adventure on which I am about to embark. Of course, I am THRILLED…. I no longer have to wake up at 5 am (usually BEFORE the sun) and drive 40 miles to and from work (80 total) and spend beaucoup money on gas for a job that has nothing to do with my formal artistic training. (Even though my office was fabulous, I will miss those girls.) I will FINALLY get to spend ALL of my time working on my art and drawings. Woot!

HOWEVER- the pay is less (at least at first) and not as stable. And, I mean, will I be able to fully motivate myself every single day to work from home? Will I constantly be distracted by household chores and projects? Can I earn enough money to survive?!

Quitting my “big kid” job has been the biggest decision of my life- even getting married was easier. Luckily, my husband is uber supportive and [financially] really helpful. He’s getting all of the “business” aspects together so I can focus on the creative part. Our parents are all very excited and supportive too. Of course, they have the typical concerns…. money, money, and money. Isn’t my happiness important people?!

As scary as it may be, I feel like my life is actually about to begin. And my dad is finally going to see the pay off for my not-so-cheap college education… (I hope). Sometimes, you just gotta dive in head first! Well, at least I know i’m a good swimmer. ha.

Stay tuned!


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